Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Socialism is Dying in North America?

Iran @ UN
It is easy to see why Socialism-Liberalism is retreating as a credible ideology in the Western Democracies. As an example I will  cite a few examples of the rhetoric from political left in Canada and the United States to highlight why those messages have lost support.

The voices in left ignore Iran for criticism of Israel?
In good economic times, Westerners have been able to accept the redistribution of wealth policies as advocated by the political left as sustainable and effective policies. The gravy train has come off the tracks during the global economic recession in Canada and the United States. The left is unprepared to share the consequence caused by the growth of the entitlement culture in policies and programs. 

The left need to stop attacking the most productive members of society to shelter the unlucky. We are not all equal in capacity, skill or luck. We don't award everyone a Gold medal for participating in the Olympics. We can't all be winners.

Canadians are in a stressful time want less talking and more action. The political left are not equipped to take decisive action because they are trapped in a failed ideology that history has refuted in every instance. We don't have a socialist Utopia on earth. The left can not effectively regulate or eliminate greed without disastrous consequences to the population. Robin Hood is not a hero to build a prosperous society.

Canadians have been blessed with natural resources and history with very little bloodshed. Canada is a relatively young country with many advantages including our proximity to the largest economy in the world. A few weeks ago our Canadian government fell short in winning a seat on the security council.

The political left felt the failure to win the coveted seat in the UN was a testament to our failure in "social justice" in Africa and being an "honest broker" in the Middle East. Has the political left in Western democracies become so corrupted they have lost any perspective of thugs in the United Nations? The costs for the entitlement programs on working families through taxation? Does the left believe we are equal to many of the UN voting members in advancing the most basic human rights? The voices in political left condemn us for not being engaged on the  international stage and than follow up with a refusal to support the United Nations sanctioned mission in Afghanistan. Do the voices in the left fail to see their hypocrisy?
  • Religious freedom to believe and not believe
  • Gender equality
  • Freedom of the press/assembly/expression
  • Rule of Law
A large number of countries in the United Nations are corrupt and do not afford the most basic human rights to their citizens. Many of the left of centre pundits regularly give a free pass to these voting member states as they sit in judgment on our Government. Does this make sense to any rational person?

We have problems with equality and rule of law regarding our reserves and the political left have been  largely silent. A favoured solution from the left is to throw more money without holding those accountable. The political left insinuate we are guilty-responsible for the problems in the aboriginal community. The voices in the political left demand we continue to increase the transfer of billions of dollars for the injustice. The loudest voices in the left don't have practical solutions to offer for eliminating the systemic problems on the reserves. It is called accountability.

In the United States many southern states are having a difficult time with the influx of illegal aliens and the lack of effective border enforcement. The local  state governments have been under financial strain in policing, health, education in dealing with this problem for generations. A large number of citizens have voted locally and supported a tougher stance and enforcement of the existing laws. The National Government in Washington is unwilling or unable to address the problems and economic social breakdown in the southern states. In many cases they feel abandoned by the Federal government.

Political correctness only hurts the debate of ideas. The left are terrified of the ethnic vote if they enforce the laws regarding the border and immigration. Accountability is not an ideology. You can't choose to selectively apply it when it suits your political interests. This is why the voices in left are finding their voice fading in North America. The New Brunswick provincial sweep, Rob Ford in Toronto to mid-terms in the United States are not isolated cases of the left being dumped for conservative principles or values. Voters recognize they can't afford the socialist-Liberal culture of entitlement. It is time to change course.

People can't pay the mortgage with hope and feed their children with change. We need government to get out of the way because Robin Hood is not a hero. The left have a great deal to fear in the upcoming elections in Canada and the United States.

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