Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cold Weather Hits EU & N. Amer: Alarmists in Cancun

Is Mother Nature a Conservative?

Hundreds of lobbyists with their media in tow shilling for energy companies are gathering to secure lucrative deals, third world dictatorship arrive on their jets to demand billions on behalf of their nations. Our political class seek to impose new taxes on working families in North America and Europe as directed by the United Nations Climate Change Conference Cancun - COP 16 & CMP 6 Mother Nature has decided to bring some cold weather to Europe and large parts of North America. Let it snow, let it snow!

Ontario Sign Deal with Samsung Group
The TFC also noted an analysis by London Economics International, a global consultancy that estimates the Act's cost at between $247 and $631 in higher electric bills per household per year.

It appears Mother Nature has once again refused to cooperate with the alarmists in their redistribution of wealth schemes. When will our political class have the courage stop the corporate welfare?

How long before Canada's Federal Government falls prey to  adopting a job killing carbon tax policy for the benefit of the organized crime, energy lobby and UN supported dictatorial regimes?

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