Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Glen Pearson: On Apologies in Glass Houses

Marlene Jennings
Alberta Ardvark: Marlene Jennings is in a class by herself. Video.

I would disagree with my blogging friend AA.  The character slime in Ghostbusters was helpful in the animated series. Many Liberals on the other hand don't serve a useful purpose as members of a political party any longer.
The door knob wielding MP who read an anonymous letter in Parliament about a security breach at the Charlottetown airport. The CBC Peter Mansbridge has viewed the security footage and stated no security breach as described took place. Does anyone remember an apology or a retraction from the door knob wielding MP or his party?
Day 011/366: Slimer
Decorum in Parliament?

Glen Pearson Liberal MP blogged about - Decorum in the House was supposed to be getting better over these last few weeks and there certainly has been the odd better moment. Just another reason why Liberal MPs are out of touch and should not be looking for apologies from others. Look to your own party and their record.
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