Friday, November 26, 2010

Media Shift Goalposts: "Will of Parliament"

Noontime protest on Parliament Hill in support...Media Protect Liberal-NDP coalition

Why is the media unwilling to call out the defeated and absent MPs? Does the term "Will of Parliament" only apply  if used by Liberals-NDP supported policies?

Respect for "Will of Parliament" does not apply to Coalition?
A large majority of MPs defeated the Liberal motion to have the government drop the plans of the purchase of the F35. The Liberal-NDP coalition were only able to field 100 MPs to show up for their vote.  At full strength the 115 Lib-NDP MPs would be unable to block the deal.

The vote on the Liberal motion was defeated in the Commons by a vote of 170-100, with Bloc MPs lining up en masse with the Conservative minority government.

The Liberals continue to run internet ads complaining about the F35 decision after losing the vote in parliament.

"Will of Parliament"  = Liberal +NDP Policy?
Why is the outcry from the media against the Liberal-NDP coalition for not respecting the "Will of Parliament" as they did during the Census?


hunter said...

The opposition are so weak, they can't even "co-vote" let alone, co-operate! Looks good on them.

CanadianSense said...

I can't believe I messed up my comments section again.

Argh. Lost the ability to do a nested reply after deleting a widget.

Hunter I enjoy your Friday funnies and have learned not to not be drinking when doing so.

Good news on not winning the Expo. I hope our PM does not give into the Quebec City NHL arena.

QC is already getting the lion share of equalization payments and divert some of it there.

Anonymous said...

It's the F-35 and into the 21st century indeed. (real conservative)