Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tony "The Tiger" Clement: Delivers

How to disarm your opposition?

Listen carefully, weigh your options and act swiftly. Two recent decisions reflect the Government of Canada is in touch with Canadians.

From declining a mining operation in Northern BC to the offer to allow the sale of Potash. Perhaps Ralph Goodale should be looking over his shoulder for a new line of work after the next election.

Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice announced Tuesday that the proposed Prosperity mine near Williams Lake in Interior B.C. could not proceed, citing significant adverse environmental effects that included turning Fish Lake – once featured in a tourism campaign – into a tailings dump.- Jim Prentice Minister of Environment

They have 30 days to sweeten the offer but it is unlikely the Federal Government may find it a net benefit without significant changes that will satisfy all the parties.
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