Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jack & Gilles Flip Ignatieff on Afghanistan

Summer Tour Liberal Training @ Webers
From burgers to Afghanistan, Liberals have it covered. There is not a policy or principle the Liberals won't flip flop to keep their partners happy. It is safe to say Jack and Gilles are back on the Christmas card list after a few road bumps on keeping the coalition together.
The Bloc Québécois will use its opposition day on Thursday to call for a vote on the post-2011 phase of Canada's mission in Afghanistan, which is to focus on training of Afghan soldiers, rather than combat, and continue until 2014. 
The Bloc have NEVER supported the mission including the extension. Ignatieff can flip a decision as easily as a burger?

After all Ignatieff has been carrying  the pail for his partners for months.

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