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UN Bailout: Despots and Dictators

Canada is #1 see bottom of post.

Upset with your government's level of taxation or lack of accountability? Our Liberal media is supportive of a transferring billions on an annual basis to the United Nations for programs to help the most corrupt countries. Anyone shocked?

Anyone curious why the Liberal media has failed to raise the alarm from the lack of accountability or transparency in the transfer of billions to corrupt countries? The Canadian Federal Government would be well advised to not support this UN sponsored plan. Many Canadians need a break on income tax and fees from all levels of government.

By 2020 the United Nations hope to secure one hundred billion per year from developed countries through a variety of measures. 
Transparency International Index original

World leaders are set to visit the sunny beaches in Cancun, Mexico to discuss how they can get the middle class to fork over additional taxes from pricing carbon, cap and trade, airline and bank transactions.

The United States, meanwhile, insisted all week that it would not provide climate funds unless the big developing countries such as China allow their greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts to be monitored and verified.
The same issues were crucial factors in the Copenhagen failure last year.

$100 Billion in 2020
The biggest investment of the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund in 2010 and 2011 will see between US$40 million and US$60 million of payments being used as Government equity in a roughly US$750 million, private sector-led hydro power project. Government support will enable satisfactory returns for private investors, while ensuring a competitively priced electricity supply in Guyana. -Final Report

President Barack Obama shakes hands with Senat...
With a smaller Democratic majority in the Senate how will President Obama be able to gain support from the Republican majority in Congress? Senator minority leader Jim  McConnell (Republican) and Majority leader Jim Boehner (Republican) have made cuts in spending and taxation a priority.  Where will the President find the money for the United Nations Green Shift?

The democratic messaging is now looking for cooperation in order to avoid gridlock.  The new make up in the Congress has returned Liberal democrats and fiscal conservatives in the Republican party.  The republican leadership has been consistent in their priorities on energy. Harry Reid was unable to pass Cap & Trade legislation with 59 Democratic Senators. They now have 52.

Republicans are interested in domestic energy: Nuclear,  reducing emissions of coal.  I don't think they will be interested in transferring money to Venezuela 2, China 3.5, Ethiopia 2.7.  to address global warming
PM Stephen Harper in the North
Canada has been active on the Global stage promoting their fiscal record and principled foreign policy. Our biggest trading partner has not been doing as well during the global recession. Unemployment  in the United States has been above nine per cent for more than twelve months. The hope and change agenda from Obama has taken a serious hit. Canada has taken over from the United States as the most respected country brand in the world.
PM Stephen Harper at Akshardham Temple largest Hindu Temple in the World
Winter Olympics: Canada Wins Most Gold "Own The Podium"

Canada Pavilion: Shanghai World Expo 2010
Canada, in 12th place in 2006, had leapfrogged to second place by 2008 before getting a shot at the top spot.Now in it’s sixth year, the survey (produced in partnership with BBC World News this year), queried 3,400 business and leisure travelers on five continents, augmented by expert focus groups, on their image associations of various countries in five categories, including tourism appeal, quality of life and value systems -USA Today.
  • February 2007 "The IMF report confirms what I have been saying for some time: Canada's economy is strong and will only get stronger with the implementation of Advantage Canada," said Minister Flaherty. "Advantage Canada sets out a bold and exciting course for a strong, united and outward-looking Canada, a Canada with purpose and passion, that believes in itself and is a shining example to the world of what a great nation can be." Finance
  • October 2008 Canada has the world's soundest banking system, closely followed by Sweden, Luxembourg and Australia, a survey by the World Economic Forum has found as financial crisis and bank failures shake world markets. -Reuters
  • October 2010 IMF mission chief Charles Kramer also praised Canada's plan to shift fiscal policy "from expansion to consolidation next year, calling the planned adjustment "significant," and saying it will lower the net debt-to-GDP and maintain the nation's standing "as the strongest fiscal position in the G-7." -MarketNews
Canada has been busy on the international stage and television talking up its financial performance, the last of developed countries to enter the recession and the first to exit from the Global recession. The only developed country in the G7 to not offer a bank bailout. Canada has been positioning itself to have the lowest business combined tax rates (Federal+Provinces) of 25%.  
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