Sunday, July 18, 2010

CAGW Proponents Black Knights?

Lord Christopher Monckton vs John Abraham
The momentum has shifted against the CAGW proponents. They have become desperate to demonize and ridicule their opponents to end the debate. This Monty Python clip summarizes the debate strategy from these CAGW Black Knights.

Junk Science occurs when science is politicized and facts and risks are exaggerated, distorted and misrepresented.

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The appropriate intellectual response to that challenge -- finding a way to balance human consumption with responsible environmental stewardship -- is complicated and difficult. It will require developing new technologies, balancing carbon-abatement programs against other (more cost-effective) life-saving projects such as disease-prevention, and -- yes -- possibly increasing the economic cost of carbon-fuel usage through some form of direct or indirect taxation. -Johnathan Kay

Oil Production, Import, Export 2004
These Black Knights have had great success in imposing "green taxes and eco-fees" in Europe but do they work or do they kill jobs or force manufacturers to relocate to jurisdictions with lower taxes?

Where are these shining examples of success: Europe, U.S (California) have diverted Billions on so called Green Jobs, Green Energy, Cap & Trade Exchanges, Carbon Taxes which of these jurisdictions have in FACT reduced the use of carbon (fossil based) products?

Instead of building and providing MORE generation that may not needed in Canada or sustainable without significant taxpayer subsidy, why not champion more conservation and improvements in the transmission of surplus capacity? Why divert billions to Giant Fans in rural Ontario if it has NOT worked in Europe or California in reducing the use of Carbon fossil fuels?

Why are those Black Knights unable to balance their needs for more power in large cities to the surrounding rural communities? Why do these large cities demonstrate NIMBY? Do these Black Knights actually reduce their own carbon footprints through private jets, mansions and financial interests? The delegates to the Copenhagen climate summit will produce enough carbon emissions to fill 10,000 Olympic swimming pools, according to figures commissioned by the host Denmark. Reuters is reporting that the massive carbon footprint is equivalent to the impact generated by half a million Ethiopians in a single year.

In the spirit of conservation, cancel the hotels, security, jets to next conference in Cancun, teleconference those wonderful ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint and increase taxes directly and indirectly.

The decision to hold an international summit on global warming in a beach resort area known for its ability to lure U.S. college students during spring break may raise questions from some, but Alday said it will underscore the area's resort appeal.

Here is a link at those partners who will be boarding more jets for a beach resort. It must be a burden for so many champions of CAGW to spend so much time at these conferences.

"We want to highlight Cancun as a tourist destination," he said. "After the difficult year we had last year, the recovery of the tourism industry is well underway, and I think this will help cement that recovery and show one of the nicest places of our country."

Are these Black Knights on the ground floor for financial gain in Cap & Trade Exchanges? Anyone remember the fun the media had with the auto executives arriving on those corporate jets? Did the U.N. or other bodies in government sell off all their jets?

How do these Black Knights of CAGW force sovereign states like China, India or Iran to stop their increasing use of fossil fuels through taxation of Canadian citizens? Anyone notice how many coal burning plants are being built in China? If the G7 requires the use of dirty coal, natural gas how do we pay or punish China, Brazil, Russia to exclude their own reserves of coal or natural gas?

In the four years from 2004 - 2008 did the U.S., China or Europe import, export or use less oil ? What makes the Black Knights in Canada think increases direct, indirect taxes, eco-fees on the middle class to pay more for electricity, dish soap, heating oil going to do? Are the Black Knights in Canada going to change how the Chinese, Americans drive, heat their homes and wash their dishes? 

Which camp is using the term denialism more accurately when you ignore the consumption and strategic investments in securing fossil resources by the worlds countries with the largest military?

Has the world been successful in stopping nuclear proliferation and genocide? How do you impose an indirect tax on those countries?

Can any Black Knight of CAGW in Canada provide proof installing Giant Fans for $7 billion in Ontario with substantial increases in F.I.T. rates for 20 years will lower the temperature of the EARTH by two degrees? Does charging me an Eco-fee to buy eco-friendly products that I dispose of in the blue box already help save drowning polar bears? Did the use of fossil fuels go down in British Columbia as a result of the new carbon taxes on gasoline?

It is interesting watching these camps divide along the lines of the Green Lobbyists for CAGW vs. the smaller independent scientists, bloggers who have not agreed with the published theories from the IPCC. Which camp has created wonderful scary movies and stories about the end of world?

Which camp is creating a blacklist to keep the data of their science secret?


tao_taier said...

Like I was saying over here:

I got some good links posted there in those comments.

A great Reagen quote I found from a article

Should be helpful.

It's all essentially a socialist plot no matter which way you dice it. Which I wouldn't attribute to any "one" group alone but perhaps competing groups from different "causes" or schemes. Theres more than one cabal of socialist pushing this crap and many non-socialist (or socialist "lite") opportunists.

So yeah, pretty interesting stuff.

CanadianSense said...

thanks for the link

The problem with wealth redistribution policies is regardless of the political party with the best of intentions to lift all boats is the advocates are never satisfied.

If you ask them if the poor are better off from 20 years ago, they will argue and say NO.

I don't have any delusion about democracy in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the game of Carbon credits.

I was around for the Global Freeze fear mongering and the pattern by these activists with the same claims are making the same dire predictions.

Sadly the theorized increase in temp and Co2 will help food production.

Some believe the collapse of food crops mini global cooling during the Roman Empire was partly responsible for its collapse.