Saturday, July 03, 2010

Canada is Great: Liberal Media unhappy

Angus Poll here. It is not surprising to find Quebecers the most unhappy about everything. Canadians are not worried about the state of our democracy regardless if the media, liberal-academics, facebook activists want us too!

Canadians are not buying the snake oil they are peddaling.

The anti-globalization, special interest groups don't get it. Socialism and unnecessary policy of big government can't afford to pay their own bills. This is our time to push back these groups who primal fear is the loss of their entitlements.

Many of the G8 leaders have stopped chasing the empty promises of the Green Agenda.

Activists are the first to complain about everything and demand for more money for their projects without accountability. The G8 has now begun to demand the billions being spent are managed efficiently.

Many of these NGOs are not interested in being held accountable.

Canadians have NOT lost faith in our military regardless of the attempt by our media and opposition political parties who spent years undermining the efforts in Afghanistan or Haiti.

It is evident to those souls who believe in hard work, Canada is the land of opportunity and the future is very bright. Canada remains one of the top choices for immigration.

We dig our Head of State and showed up to celebrate our birthday with her in Ottawa. About 100,000 people gathered to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on Parliament Hill as they celebrated Canada 143rd birthday. They arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and were escorted by RCMP officers on horseback and the crowds enjoyed her speech.

National vs Quebec
National vs Ontario
National vs Western Canada
National vs Atlantic Canada


wilson said...

Heh, BC Ab Sask Man got our very own polling, rather than just the West!

And one would have thought Quebec would be proudest of bilingualism instead of hockey, but poll just like the rest of us there.

wilson said...

to add to Liberal/media misery,
the Harper govt is about to be applauded by for....enviromental policy!

"It's amazing, it's quite extraordinary," said Steve Kallick ...

Kallick credits a series of announcements starting in 2007 by the federal government for getting the ball rolling.

The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper took action and

Bec said...

Great post, CS! I've been meaning to comment on all of them today but now's my chance.

When I heard the results of this poll earlier this week, I just shook my head.

The mindset that occurs when everything is easy, handed out on a silver platter, taken for granted, expected....does irreparable damage and we see it on this level and at the small family nucleus level.

It needs to be reversed and I'm hoping the reality that Europe is messed up BECAUSE of their socialism will sink in eventually and Quebec and Ontario voters will wake up and seek solutions to prosperity rather than government teat sucking.

The_Iceman said...

Iggy has landed in China. I will be interested to see what kind of hype they attempt to produce.

Remember, during the summer of 2008 Stephen Harper took a hard stance on Chinese government human rights abuses. The Libs tried to scream foul, and a couple of months later the Tories significantly increased their Asian vote totals (prime case study, Richmond). Evidently, the people who decided to leave China and are now in Canada don't have a lot of nice things to say about the Chinese government. In fact the government is a big reason that many of them left their homeland in the first place.

I think I'll write a blog post on Iggy's trip. It has been a slow weekend. Big dip in traffic, but still not as bad as Christmas.

Alex said...


Patsplace said...

Refreshing is what I'd call it. Not only refreshing, but heartening as well. With the lack of unbiased media, I sometimes get the impression that the pissed off frogs and the outraged downtown "tranna" folks have become the majority.

Refreshing to see that typical and traditional Canadian views are still the norm. That having been said, some push back is needed on the leftist front. They have been preaching to and listening to the choir for so long, they think they matter. NOT!!

CanadianSense said...

Wilson, nice to see you drop by..

Lib-Dem hysteria about the fake green agenda is nearly up. The deficits and move to fix the balance sheet will terminate many fake green projects.

Cleaning up pollution and providing clean safe drinking water has been a higher priority by this current government. The Liberal media is not interested in talking about the billions spent on the environment by this CPC led government.

The left and entitlement class are upset. They have spent years since their party lost power trying to undermine Canada, protect their entitlements.

The CPC have been slow (too slow) for some conservatives in swinging back the pedulum to the centre and centre right.

I have had stated that we are a Conservative country, in the late sixties the Lib-Dem coalition with Trudeau started us on the road to unaffordable social experiments.

The land is strong, and her people that call Canada home.

For those who don't, they look to leech on the sacrifice of others.

The voters in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver won't won't block the progress of the next blue wave.

CanadianSense said...

Traffic has been slow (summer recess) and the whiny left are losing steam in crying wolf every week deriding the current government.

They fail to understand by going negative for so long they have turned off their own supporters.

Yes we can, has been replaced with its "their" fault and "they" are evil.

The divided, intolerant left don't have anything new to offer to the debate of ideas.

The left are not progressive, they simply want to protect their entitlements and the benefits they were awarded from the Liberal-Dem coalitions during the 60-90's.

They have fought rationalization, program review in removing fake or sloppy NGO's.

The left have no interest in the real progress of helping the poor through expanded free trade. They want to protect their own jobs first.

The left are afraid of competition and hard work. From H1N1, Maternal Health, Olympics, G8, G20, SunTV to the Garbage strike in Toronto, the left displayed their colours for all to see.

maryT said...

For the millions we give the cbc couldn't they run new items instead of re-running the same thing over and over, aka the riots. Today they have run some story on gay actors being unable to portray straight characters and make them real. Maybe because they have come out of the closet and we see them as fakes.
But then I never get tired of seeing the Queen and our PM out and about.
They can re-run those clips forever.
Nice to learn that the PM chose the itinery for the Queen and where she would go.
Will she announce a new GG today.