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A Little Less Conversation: Liberal Express

Liberal Express July 31, 2010

Examining the Liberal Express itinerary for July 31, 2010: the amount of actual time spent meeting the Canadians, criticism of his inability to make small talk, his lack of common touch, rumours he needs several days of rest on his pre-campaign tour. Ignatieff Clear As Mud

Terence Young March 2, 2010 Rally at Queens Park
Terence Young spoke to the crowd on March 2nd at the massive C4CA rally held at Queen’s Park protesting the proposed 975-megawatt power plant in Oakville. Although power plants are a provincial jurisdiction, Terence advised he would lobby the federal Environment Minister to review the plant once it applies for a federal permit: “I will go to the wall with any available federal powers to stop this project,” he said.

The provincial Liberals and federal Liberals may be offside on this issue. They have not been in the right side of many issues of late: HST, Eco-fee, Health boondoggle, Caribana funding shortfall

Terence Young won this long held Liberal seat and the Liberal strategists believe this may be a vulnerable seat with a high profile candidate. I believe Terence Young will win with an even bigger gap in 2010 or 2011.

Election Greater Toronto Area 2008

South West Ontario Canada Votes 2008

10:00 AM Town Square Parkette
94 George Street Oakville Ontario
candidate for Oakville Max Khan and the Oakville Federal Liberals for coffee and muffins

12:15 PM Muslimfest
4141 Living Arts Drive
Mississauga Ontario L5B 4B8

2:15 PM Caribana
200 Princes' Blvd
Toronto Ontario 

Why are the Liberals revisiting ridings they currently hold or recently lost? A Dry Run for a Fall campaign?

Some bloggers think it is too early to predict with a 100% certainty if this is a saving the furniture tour. I don't for many reasons. Follow the money, are the fundraising myths debunked? Where are the star candidates looking to join the winning side? Are any of the veterans  coming out of retirement? Are the crowds coming out or are they tagging along already scheduled events trying to connect with the Canadians? It may be several reasons a little less conversation is taking place on the Liberal Express. Action takes leadership.

Update: Oakville was NOT a close race. In fact the Golden Horseshoe like most of Ontario did not vote Liberal. I had used maps to highlight from the CBC the blue in the SW and the only concentration of red is 905 West-Toronto.

Pundits' Guide to Canadian Federal Elections

Pundits Guide 2000-2008 Oakville
Pundits Guide Oakville NOT a close race in 2008
  Over 5,000 Liberal voters in 2006 did not return in 2008 to re-elect Bonnie Brown. It was the largest drop in support for any political party in this riding. The Green and CPC were the only two political parties that had their vote increase in 2008 in Oakville. The NDP also lost votes compared to 2006.

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