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Soapbox: Political Engagement: Liberal Media

I joined the Blogging community in the Fall of 2009 with CanadianSense as an outlet to express some of my thoughts regarding the political landscape of the Liberal mind and the liberal media.

My political leanings naturally gravitated towards the Blogging Tories community. As a Conservative, a concern and protection for the environment has been an important consideration. The community of Blogging Tories has a wide range of views and for the most part are not prone to censorship or comment moderation for dissenting views.
The left of centre suggest they are open minded but my own experience finds them less tolerant of views that are in conflict with their views of a just society.  It reminds me of Nancy Pelosi characterization of citizens engaged in calling for less spending by government. (Astro-turf)

In the thirteen years the Liberals were in power including majorities, free votes for MPs were not tolerated. Many Liberal MPs that chose to express the interests of their own constituents were effectively removed from caucus. It is interesting after the most recent experience with this history, an analysis of The Anatomy of the Liberal Defeat to hear Liberals continuing to ignore the facts.
  • Conservatives have MPs in all regions of Canada and fell ten seats short of a majority.
  • The last Liberal Majority was a result of an NDP collapse and a split right.
  • Voters in larger numbers in rural, suburbs and cities vote Conservative, Democrat, Green.
  • Visible minorities and many large communities of faith are no longer supporting the Federal Liberal Party.

The egalitarianism and welfarism of modern liberal government are incompatible with the facts of human nature and the human condition. But the rise to power of the liberal agenda has resulted from the fact that the people of western societies have irrationally demanded that governments take care of them and manage their lives instead of protecting their property rights. This misconception results in massive violations of those rights while permitting government officials to act out their own and their constituents’ psychopathology...
How do you explain the reaction of liberals, the liberal media to pushing the victimization of the protesters (activists)? Police Chief Blair is a political appointee of David Miller, Mayor of Toronto. Dalton McGuinty is the Premier of Ontario.

How do Liberals defend and explain their attacks on the left of centre parties and the Conservatives without accepting criticism for their mistakes and failures?

How much time was spent by the Liberal media highlighting environmental damage, bird mortality by 'dirty oil' while ignoring the same mortality as a result of embracing the Green Energy industry?
The Green Energy Act enacted by the Ontario Liberal government majority has effectively removed any local input in reviewing or halting the conversion of land for use by energy companies to install Giant fans and their supporting infrastructure.
The Mayor of Toronto, left of centre councillors have not imposed the same environmental solutions to address the waste, energy consumption generated on their own citizens. Why are the suburbs, rural citizens being asked to accept refuse and energy consumption needs of the residents of Toronto?

Why does Toronto NOT follow their own sustainable development for the alleged benefits of the Green Agenda? The transmission lines would be much shorter and the City of Toronto could demostrate the merits to the smaller communities that are not convinced of the economic, environmental benefits. The impact of not having trucks haul garbage outside the city, reducing the airshed quality of the neighbouring cities would seem environmentally sound.
On the flip side the comment moderation or censorship practices on the Liberal blogging community is very interesting.

Feedback, comments from the hosts of these  Conservative or Liberal blogging sites that have turned on comment moderation in order to protect their site from ad-hominem attacks. After a few weeks the moderation policy would no longer be necessary?

I am curious if the bloggers who originally joined this self-publishing exercise in order to express their opinion, share ideas have found a consensus regarding a need for an alternative voice. SunTV is just another activity by those who don't feel their voice is being heard and an opportunity to earn a profit.

From my perspective, the panic, fear,  from the voice in the left, are concerned with competition ..researchers turned their attention to television news alone they found that coverage by the CBC was most harsh against conservative positions ...Ryerson University professors Marsha Barber and Ann Rauhala ..The researchers found that the news directors, whom they describe as the people "with the most direct responsibility for programming the news on any given day," were more politically and socially liberal than the rest of the Canadian population. Broken down by network, those working for the CBC were the most left-leaning.-2003 Donner Prize-nominated book, Hidden Agendas: How Journalists Influence the News
Chris Selley succinctly sums up everything wrong with the Federal Liberals since Ignatieff took over the helm of the Liberal Party. One thing he did not do wrong.

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