Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CBC's Broken Model

In a battle of CBC vs PBS who would win? What about the content, which station delivers better quality television viewing?

PBS awards , Online Content: FRONTLINE are examples of getting it right.

The Public Television Audience
PBS averaged a 1.1 prime time rating during the 2008-2009 season.**
  • More than 59 million people in 37 million households watch public television on-air during an average week. Each month, more than 110 million people watch their local stations and more than 18.7 million people access PBS content online.
**Source: Nielsen Media Research. Public television prime time AA rating and full day weekly cume averages from October 2008-September 2009, and monthly cume and online unique visitors (Google Analytics) from October 09.
  • PBS’ prime time audience is significantly larger than many of the commercial channels frequently cited as competitors, including HBO (0.9), History Channel (0.8), Discovery Channel (0.8), CNN (0.8), The Learning Channel (0.7) and Bravo (0.5).-Corporate Facts
PBS Newshour

Another week that CBC does not have Canadian content in the top 30. The Canadian private networks don't cost us over one billion per year.

Subscribers are growing for PBS, they feel connected to the content. Does anyone feel connected what is being aired from the CBC?

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    Fitter said...

    PBS wins hands down. Ive subscribed to PBS for years because it gives me the type of programs that my wife I and like. The only thing we watch on CBC is local news at 6 pm. I find that I cannot relate to the CBC's invented Canadian culture and feel more at home watching US or British programs.