Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ignatieff Comic Genius

"I think we want to be a country where we're building more schools than we're building prisons. Where we're investing in learning and training and education, rather than corporate tax cuts the country can't afford," Ignatieff said.
The CPP manages and invests billions on behalf of Canadians. Does the Liberal leader just not get how shares in large corporations are heavily invested by all levels of government and large unions?

The Liberals, Democrats and Separatists regularly attack select corporations as some faceless entity that should become ATM's for the socialist agenda. What was that sucking and blowing sound when the Liberals, Democrats stood up demanding an immediate bailout for the General Motors and Chrysler?

2009 Fonds de solidarité FTQ Reports
It is the same sound the separatists regularly make when demanding billions for the forest companies in Quebec. They have no problem asking Albertans to write more cheques.

In just the last two years the Solidarity Fund QFL has invested more than $2 billion in the QuĂ©bec economy. The rebound of the financial and stock markets in the second half of the year allowed us to raise the value of our share on July 6, 2009 by $0.58, to $21.78. The Fund’s net assets have also grown to $6.4 billion since November 30, 2008. -YVON BOLDUC

This year, all three parties are crying over Canada Post losing their monopoly and closing of inefficient locations. Is competition and making a profit not in the DNA of the political left?

The division of powers and the Canadian constitution are very clear. How does Ignatieff bypass the provinces and dictate the new powers to himself? Provinces are very protective of their jurisdiction and have learned from the previous Liberal administration when funding is cut they are on the hook for the program.

Liberals under the Chretien-Martin regime actually gutted over twenty-five billion in Education, Health and Social Services. Do Federal Liberals like Ignatieff really believe the provincial governments will believe them?

Ignatieff regularly praises the Chretien-Martin record in balancing the budget.

Golden Egg
Buy-in: Several provinces do NOT have the fiscal capacity to match funds, many in the left wanted the federal government to spend one hundred per cent of the stimulus. Ignatieff's talking points will require a stable, significant long term financial comittment from the Federal government in order to build these schools instead of prisons. Is this another joke about eggs or does he have Aesop's fabled Goose in his pocket?

The Liberal opposition spent months decrying the Economic Action Plan during the recession as ineffective, they required Report Cards only. They have repeatedly pointed to the large federal deficit without making any effort in providing an alternative in this minority parliament. They refuse to show up for hard work and vote against this government's agenda in parliament since losing power in 2006. How can you trust the Federal Liberals after the $ 56 billion taken from the E.I. fund in being progressive and compassionate?

How many more pretend listening tours?

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The_Iceman said...

You know what bro, I believe in God a little more this evening than I did this morning. Iggy says how important it is to take his message to BBQs, and the "Liberal Express" dies before the first stop.

There has to be a God...this kind of precious irony could not occur without devine intervention...