Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Liberal World View: In Jeopardy

Why are Liberals upset our Government is decriminalizing participation in the Census Long Form? Are these expert freeloaders, central planners of the Census data going to be out of business tomorrow?

 As the great libertarian economist, Murray Rothbard, explained half a century ago:
Certainly, only by statistics, can the federal government make even a fitful attempt to plan, regulate, control, or reform various industries - or impose central planning and socialization on the entire economic system. If the government received no railroad statistics, for example, how in the world could it even start to regulate railroad rates, finances, and other affairs? How could the government impose price controls if it didn't even know what goods have been sold on the market, and what prices were prevailing? Statistics, to repeat, are the eyes and ears of the interventionists: of the intellectual reformer, the politician, and the government bureaucrat. The Shotgun
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...the switch from a mandatory to a voluntary form will bias the data in many ways and increasing the number of households that get the long form won't correct the biases. It will just produce more numbers. That are biased. And not comparable with past census data.
During the last census the long-form portion was sent to approximately 2.5 million households. More than 160,000 Canadian refused to fill it out, a five-fold increase over 1981. More than 60 of those who refused were referred by the government for prosecution.
There are some people, including the leader of the Liberal party, Michael Ignatieff, who believe Canadians should be forced to divulge intimate, private details about their personal lives to the federal government. We disagree. -Tony Clement
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...tribunal chair William Davis ruled that his client's skin colour would make him stand out in the country like a "sore thumb."
In a written decision, Davis said: "I find that the claimant was a victim because of his race (white South African) rather than a victim of criminality."
The ruling went on to say that Huntley, "has presented clear and convincing proof of the state's inability or unwillingness to protect him."-White Refugees
Wealthy, non whites, lazy person less likely to fill out voluntary Census?

Toronto Dominion Bank senior economist Drummond has complained that if the long form is optional, white middle-class individuals will submit a greater percentage of the long-forms, leaving minorities, aboriginals and the very wealthy under-represented in the data.  He says that, eventually, the data would be useless. Western Standard

Is he suggesting non-whites are lazy or less inclined to fill out forms unless they are intimidated? Census Data 2006 Ethnocultural Portrait of Canada.

The number of long forms being sent out will be sent out to one-third from one-fifths of Canadian households is an increase. Did the Liberal media miss the fact?

Why are these stakeholders so upset that Federal Government Census takers will no longer be able to intimidate Canadians in completing the long form?
The Jedi census phenomenon is a grassroots movement that was created in 2001 for citizens of a number of English-speaking countries to record their religion as "Jedi" or "Jedi Knight" (after the quasi-religious order of Force-attuned knights in the fictional Star Wars universe) on the national census. The campaign was loosely organized by circulating e-mails claiming that if enough people entered "Jedi", it would be recognized as an official religion by the government. The e-mails also implored people to report their religion as "Jedi", "because you love Star Wars" or "just to annoy people". A minority could be "true hard-core people that would believe the Jedi religion carte blanche", however it is believed the majority of self-reported Jedi claimed the religion for their own amusement, to poke fun at the government,[1] or as a protest against the inclusion of the religion question on the census form. Other news reports also interpreted the exercise as a massive practical joke.

If 8,000 New Zealanders have heeded an e-mail asking them to declare Jedi as their faith on this week's census forms, then Star Wars will have spawned an officially recognized religion. -BBC

Liberal Worldview: Trudeau

As the Western world moved to the right in the 1980s, Trudeau became odd man out. He had little sympathy for the extreme anti-Soviet views of President Ronald Reagan, who referred to the Soviet Union as the "evil empire," or British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who became known as the "Iron Lady" for her hard-line views. Cold War tensions had reached new heights following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, and Trudeau genuinely feared that a wider war might result.
He had little trust in American military policy, particularly the Strategic Defence Initiative, known as "Star Wars," which threatened to escalate the arms race. Moreover, he was particularly appalled by Washington's conviction that the West could win a nuclear war. He annoyed both Reagan and Thatcher at the 1983 G-7 summit of the largest industrialized nations by pushing them hard to seek an accommodation with the Soviet Union.
In general, relations with the United States during Trudeau's last term remained difficult. The Americans were furious when Canada introduced the National Energy Policy (NEP) in 1980, which sought to establish 50 percent Canadian ownership of the oil industry by 1990. Ideologically, the pro-free enterprise Republican administration did not like direct government involvement in the economy. More importantly, the NEP discriminated in favour of Canadian companies.- Canada and the World: A History

What have these central planners been pushing on us: Windmills, Carbon Tax, Cap and Trade Exchange, N.E.P.?