Sunday, July 11, 2010

Liberals on Road To Nowhere: Fantasy Tour 2010

"Canadians are itching for Liberals to get our act together so they can finally try us on for size."  is not the only narrative pushed by the Liberal bloggers.

  1. Hold the snickers over Ignatieff’s boonie tour
  2. Michael Ignatieff: Farewell University Tour 2010
  3. Ignatieff Back To Campus Tour 
Canadians are busy, politics is simply NOT one of our past times. We briefly got engaged when three clowns tried to steal an election result in 2008. Does anyone really care if the Liberals are polling below twenty four per cent? Does anyone really care Elizabeth May is trying to avoid a leadership contest and suspend the rules of her party?

After blowing a gasket in 2006, failing again in 2008 some STILL believe they are the natural governing party.

The deep thinkers in the Liberal party, media can't connect the dots.
  • Fundraising is not competitive with the CPC. Liberals can't count.
  • Leadership debts needed another extension after Elections Canada could not give any more.
  • The GST overpayment and leadership loans loopholes once closed will end the double dipping and backdoor money.
  • Liberals have muzzled Ignatieff and refused to hold any adult conversation on policy since losing in 2008.
  • In every opportunity to face the voters, Liberals have asked Liberal MPs skip votes.
  • Liberal strategists
  • The Liberals have refused to accept their role in the minority coalition with the Conservative agenda since 2006.
How do you explain that so many bills have passed since 2006? Thanks should go to Dion and Ignatieff who have been instrumental in not being prepared and doing the heavy lifting in providing a real alternative that is acceptable to Canadians.

The Liberal media have spent years trying to tell Canadians how to feel, what to think and why they should return the Liberals back to power with little success.

Reminds me of the clowns that have pushed a divestment campaign against the only democracy in the Middle East. 

Have your protests, print your signs, chant and make an ass of yourself in public, the world has decided a long time ago losers don't make the decisions. Your time is up. h/t Dr. Roy The campaign against Israel: epic fail

The failure in the Liberal media, alleged progressive bloggers is they are not in touch with reality of regular Canadians. It's the economy stupid! &  trust.

Three Liberal Premiers are busy hiking fees, taxes, cutting services in BC, Ontario and Quebec. Liberals are NOT spreading the pain but hitting the middle class with the burden for their social engineering projects.

Canadians are much smarter than the political strategists, liberal bloggers and Liberal media. We are aware of who is screwing with us.


hunter said...

This Liberal bus tour reminds me of the Suzuki gas guzzling, empty bus's about the optics not the substance. They have no substance.

CanadianSense said...

It is incredible the how the agenda of the left are not about wasting less (conserving) and helping the poor.

The left are interested in helping themselves to their entitlements at our expense.

wilson said...

Looks like Iffy is going to be asked about his sulfur sniffing:
(5 months and 3 weeks until SunTV will be up and running)

''...Ignatieff kicked off his summer tour in Calgary by touting the Liberal’s “positive message” and then compared Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the devil,
"You know you smell the whiff of sulfur coming off the guy.”
In literature, the whiff of sulfur is often used to describe the devil and someone as well read as Ignatieff should know to choose his words more carefully.

Then again, perhaps Ignatieff was just channeling Venezuela’s far-left president Hugo Chavez who used similar words to describe George W. Bush during a United Nations speech;
I’ll have to ask the Liberal leader....''

CanadianSense said...

Are we shocked Ignatieff would invoke Chavez or refer to our democratically elected PM as the devil?

After his human rights reversal with China, his praise in 2005 for the American-Britain robust defense spending, Ignatieff has abandoned the truth for political talking points to the left.

It is easy to talk down the social conservatives and rewrite history for personal gain.

Ignatieff in May 2010 admitted the coalition was as stable as a three legged stool and the coalition was devisive to the unity of Canada.

The differencem the left are acting out in desperation amd loss of their entitlements. Their contempt for our traditions and democracy is nothing unusual.