Monday, July 19, 2010

Liberals Fall Down And Can't Get UP?

Let's blame Harper

The Lib blogs have been very quiet lately.  The Liberal Express has had a few bumps. Content or adult conversation has been a rare commodity from both. Since losing power in 2006 it appears they have fallen down and can't get up.

Early warning signs in 2009 that a content was NOT a priority.
  • Both spent weeks on Wafers
  • Both were consumed with a G20 photo
  • Both tried to create a controversy with the Olympic Committee, Torch Relay, Clothes
  • Both decried the H1N1 response, contracts to have it backfire with a staged interview on the CBC, apology for the 10% from the Liberal Party sent to a reserves and discovery the sole supplier was a large donor to the Liberal Party. A local nurse ordered extra bags. Some local health boards did a good job some did not.
  • Both chased the Economic Action Plan and Deficit without offering an adult conversation/alternative demanding only Report Cards in 2009
  • 30 Liberal MPs missing key votes on a regular basis after a promise to NOT sit on our hands by Ignatieff.
Video here

Canadians have voted for political parties for a large number of reasons. It appears the Liberals have still not learned humility with the 2006 and 2008 results. It may be too late for the remaining party faithful.

Update: 9:55 am
Phew, it is back up but still no meat on the bones, just more complaints about our PM. Where is the beef?

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