Saturday, July 17, 2010

Conservative Majority: Canada

I have been calling for an election allow us to settle the score for the betrayal in the traditions and conventions of our democracy by the three stooges since December 2008.

As a result of the Liberal track record of missing votes in 2009 and 2010 on key votes an election may no longer be necessary.

Here is the rationale:

The Liberals have lost the control of the committees in the Senate.  The political will to show up for work and provide a responsible or effective opposition has been sapped for a very long time.

The boost in fundraising, surge in grassroots stories have been debunked. The words natural governing and Big Tent are being cleansed from the Liberal Party.

I would prefer an election this Fall to help retire the vote challenged Liberals, but do we believe thirty will not return and a real rebuild will take place?

Some of us believe a loss of another ten or twenty seats would force the Liberals to make the necessary changes. I no longer hold that view. I am of the mindset Liberals believe they being unfairly judged and incapable to make the necessary changes to restore the National brand.

Roman Triumph
The present Liberal Party of Canada is now reaping the whirlwind of its own success. Social and economic reformation over the period of decades has now empowered and enriched Canadians to the degree that they desire protection as individuals, to hold on to what they have gained. Conservatives, at present, have constructed a political cottage industry out of demonizing Liberals as the party of big government and big taxes and they have largely gotten away with it. -Glen Pearson Liberalism Fighting The Kids

Liberals believed they built Canada and made this country great. I believe Canadians in spite of inept government policy at all levels from all political parties have built this great country.

Leaders Dinner April 2009 (excerpts)
  • What strikes me is the new sense of possibility. People talk about momentum. I can feel it. I hope you can too.
  • There are times when history and circumstance demand vision and insight. When governments have to tell hard truths and make tough choices.
  • National early learning and child-care for every Canadian child.
  • My deepest instinct about this Prime Minister is that he is a divider.
  • We Liberals are uniters.
  • We won’t pass his bills.
  • A Canadian cap-and-trade system with hard caps that attacks climate change instead of passing the buck.
  • A strong, dynamic public broadcaster—CBC- Radio-Canada—that delivers culture, sports and news to all regions of the country, in both official languages.

I am not a politician, political operative, hold a vested financial interest in a company that would benefit from a specific policy change or party. Some politicians have a skewed realtiy, it must be in their D.N.A. to repeat their own hype of greatness. Liberals remind me of the Roman Senators in their white robes. It was generally believed the triumphators had a slave accompanied in his chariot by a slave holding a golden wreath above his head and constantly reminding the commander of his mortality by whispering into his ear. However, this is based on slender and disputed evidence. The words that the slave is said to have used are not known, but traditional suggestions include "Respica te, hominem te memento" ("Look behind you, remember you are only a man") and "Memento mori" ("Remember (that you are) mortal").

 I am your typical Canadian that has seen the discourse for more taxes to fix things and create a more just society. In the last fifty years with successive government at all levels from all political stripes has our quality of life matched the growth of government and taxation?

In my lifetime a single parent could work outside the home and provide a modest lifestyle in Toronto. We did not have a highly developed nanny state that promised to protect, raise our kids and make our decisions for everything. We did not look to government in our daily lives or blame them for our choices.

My parents came here from Europe, made a life through hard work and sacrifice. They did not look to the entitlements and social assistance to close the gap of rich and poor. Liberals like to preach their vision and morality encompassing compassion and social justice. Just curious how many Liberals are living what they preach?
Liberal Express July 2010
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff made his case to his party faithful, Canadians, without question he has failed at EVERYTHING he promised in his own words and that was in April 2009.

When are the Liberals going to pay the note?


The_Iceman said...

I am sticking by my prediction that there will not be an election in 2010, but dropping my prediction that Jim Balsille would gain ownership of an NHL franchise in 2010.

Roy Eappen said...

I agree CS. The Tories should pack a lot of new legislation in the fall term. They should cut spending, get rid of section 13.1 of the hrcs. Eliminate the gun registry. Cut more advocacy agencies and cut more advocacy spending. Start privatizing Crown corporation and eliminate electoral welfare. The grits will not allow HM government to be defeated.

CanadianSense said...

If Jim bought the Leafs your prediction would still be accurate!

Thanks Roy,

The CPC should not allow the media, tax funded NGO's, Black Bloc opposition derail their agenda.

Drive accountability in all areas including the board of Internal Economy. Slash the waste and entitlements.

The 30 MIA liberals can show up or not, I don't care.

They refuse to be part of the adult conversation and prefer to preach why they are great and compassionate. (They ignore their deep cuts in Health, Education and Social Services but cite they can make the tough choices).

Alex said...

Very much agree. We can win an election. Why do we need to?

Calgary Junkie said...

I agree with Roy, that another omnibus bill in the Fall, is the way to go. How much to put in that bill is another matter, and I'm not as ambitious as Roy, preferring a more incremental approach. I think too that PMSH wants to keep a few things back, to be introduced during an election campaign--eliminating section 13.1, maybe, hopefully ?

It sure feels like the country needs an election in the Fall, just to clear the air, and get rid of a lot of dead-wood. Two years into a minority is enough. But it would be a mistake for PMSH to visit the GG on his own. That is just too risky, and too tricky to pull off. Comparing the PM's rehtoric now, to the kind of stuff he was saying in the summer of 2008, it doesn't sound like he's preparing the ground to pull the plug.

The bottom line: How much sand can PMSH kick in the coalition faces, before 155 MPs say "enough", and actually stand up in the House ? A tough call, since you can't go by their rhetoric, and so have to try and make sense out of their actions.