Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fear Spreading In The Left

Day 1: Liberal Express Powered by Victory Fund
Some have continued with the narrative the Federal Liberals are in free fall, is that still possible with a recent poll at 23%? The omens do not  give a great deal of confidence, but no one can predict with if Iggymania will take hold on his latest tour. What oracles do the Liberals consult? Harper saves Liberal bus

The NDP are not going to give the Liberal Express or Just Visiting Tour a Free ride to steal the left of centre votes. They will attack the Liberals for propping up the Conservative government.

Rally For Canada in Ottawa  2008
The Liberal-socialist friendly media are also in dire straits in being unable to Turn The Tide against Liberalism failures in Canada and Europe. The fractured left have been manufacturing pseudo-scandals for so long they have have lost touch with issues that resonate with Canadians.

 They are busy revisiting Liberal held ridings, friendly districts in hopes to save the furniture from the Fall campaign. Here is a link to my MP, he has been busy at work on behalf of his constituents. Opens a PDF file.

Visigoths sacking Rome
The Liberal elites in Toronto view a Conservative Majority as equivalent to sacking of Rome and the beginning of the Dark Ages in Canada.

Employment has been on an upward trend since July 2009, increasing by 403,000 (+2.4%). These gains offset nearly all the employment losses observed during the labour market downturn which began in the fall of 2008. The June unemployment rate, however, remained well above the October 2008 rate of 6.2%, due to a large increase in the number of people in the labour force over this period.

Employment increases were evenly split between full and part time in June. Since July 2009, most of the employment gains have been in full-time work, up 355,000 or 2.6%, while part-time work rose by 1.5%. Statisics Canada

Jobs and the economy are not on the radar for the tax funded special interest groups who demand billions more their projects. The lesson of Haiti reconstruction and the lack of accountability to get the money flowing to get the projects done should be a wake up call for the Liberal media.

"What we see when we drive around Port-au-Prince is that the situation is pretty much as it was after the earthquake," Hans van Dillen, a head of mission with MSF said at a July 8 media briefing from Haiti.
Half a year after the quake, "the rebuilding effort in Haiti has stalled," according to the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. That analysis is hardly unique. - CBC

Why has the US only been able to report only $ 30 million from the Democrat controlled majority in congress? Why has Quebec's Provincial Liberals immigration system been unable to bring in a single Haitian since the disaster months ago? Where is the accountability from NGO's and the role of media as a watchdog?
G20 Activists in Toronto July 2010
The majority of errors and wounds to Liberalism-Socialism has been self-inflicted. The Liberal media has spent an enormous amount of ink on depicting our military as war criminals and unable to win a war against terrorists in Afghanistan. Whether it was politicizing H1N1, G20 photo, a state funeral, Olympic Torch Relay, Olympic logos the divided left have diminished their credibility. Who paid for the buses and accommodation for out of town people? Are these protests organized on the payroll of some government or large union? The CBC reported recently a large number of Chinese students were bussed in to counter the negative protest from a visit by Chinese officials in Canada.

The CBC  producers direct our tax funded broadcaster to present many negative stories on the G20 an attack on Alberta tourism by an American environmental group. Does CBC have any time to investigate who is behind the funding this group?

Liberal media $ 57,000 reflective pool obsession July 2010
The Liberal media has spent years depicting the minority government led by our Prime Minister as a dictatorship. Instead of debating the real issues like the carbon tax, bank tax, deficits, the budget, the Liberal MPs skipped votes chased fake scandals in 2010 with the Liberal media in tow. Why is the Liberal media in a panic regarding SunTV? Are they coming to grips with the ratings, their product sucks, Canadians are not watching or reading the liberal media push tabloid news any longer. They blew it with Climate gate.
Leadership Flaherty Harper OECD role model
In desperation Toronto's Liberal media have recently raised a disputed incident from a high school football game from 2001 regarding Rob Ford in order to stop his momentum in the Toronto Mayoralty race. Is this what we can expect from the liberal media as issues of importance to Toronto voters? Game over, the left have no credible candidate of substance to debate the tax cuts and shrinking of municipal government proposed by Ford.

West Coast vs East Coast: Federal Liberals Dividing Canadians 101

Chretien showed some political smarts in avoiding Alberta during the campaigns, he would not pretend to care and insult them to their faces. The Liberal media in large cities mimic the out of touch Liberals at the Federal level. Liberal leader David Swan in Alberta does not agree with his Federal cousins from Toronto in banning tanker traffic in the West Coast. It is a no brainer and just plain STUPID. When foreign agents, activists that may have economic interest that compete with Alberta, does the Liberal media provide publicity for these foreign agents?

A CSL ship has recently spilled an estimated 50-200 gallons of oil in the St. Lawrence Seaway. The spill appears to be contained. Did the Liberal media purposely omit the interest (ownership) of CSL or ask Ignatieff why not a similar ban on the EAST coast for tankers? Are the P.E.I. mussels not worthy of the same environmental fear mongering as tanker traffic from the Middle East Oil shipments? Is the ecosystem, tourism in P.E.I. not as worthy of the same protection Michael?


wilson said...

You nailed it CS!

Iffy is ranting about pensions, and then takes a stand against one of the biggest investments of pension funds,
the oilsands (Duceppe even owns a piece of the oilsands).

Not to mention the many companies in Quebec and Ontario that thrive as suppliers to the oilands.

Canada Pension Plan invests in oilsands

'The Ontario government, in partnership with our manufacturing industry, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters and the Alberta and federal governments, has built a “made-in-Canada” solution, matching Alberta energy suppliers with Ontario manufacturers.'

Green Quebec government looking for oil sands investors

CanadianSense said...

Thank you Wilson, I have been talking about our investments in in CPP from large corporation and Unions for a long time.

It is silly for the MPs in the left to attack their own investments without looking stupid.

From pensions to corporation taxes the Liberals don't get it.

Quebec Union Pension-Investments

Pension Reform

Pensions Confidence Trust