Friday, July 16, 2010

The Herbivores Don't Like Canada's New Direction

Jeffrey Simpson and the Liberal Party don't like the fact the Conservative government are not interested in a fake military or relegated to a herbivore on the international stage. Canada's Military: Liberalism Hot Air

Canada's was one of the first responders to the Haiti disaster because this government changed the direction of our military spending and secured strategic lift. Our Global reputation has improved and the world is now paying attention again to Canada.

A few Liberals were honest and connected the dots. Michael Ignatieff in 2005 at Trinity College gave a speech and rebuked Liberalism for deciding to build roads and hospitals instead of following the U.S. and Britain in being a responsible international citizen. He stated that Canadians would rather bitch about the Rich Americans than pay the note. What was the direction of the Liberals since Trudeau, Chretien and Martin? 
Our Canadian military has an aging Sea King Fleet because the Liberals refused to pay the note. Our international reputation took a hit because we refused to honour our responsibility and military tradition that we earned in WWI and WWII. Chretien branded the EH-101 helicopters "Cadillacs" during the election campaign that ended two consecutive governments of Tory rule, most of it under Brian Mulroney.
Chretien spent 10 years in power without ever replacing the rusted out Sea Kings, which sapped morale in the Air Force and Navy, and proved more costly when new helicopters were eventually purchased.
- The Canadian Press
The herbivore led Liberal governments decision to abandon our military capabilities had real consequences, we took over a week to secure a rented Russian plane to bring help to earthquake victims. We did have a world class ship building industry. We had the largest flight training base outside Europe during WWII in Eastern Canada.

Did the herbivores invest and maintain our capabilities or just like Simpson add empty rhetoric when the note was due?

Fighter aircraft are extremely useful in pitched battles, but the nature of modern conflict that would involve Canada is not likely to be of that kind. They also can provide good cover for aircraft carriers, of which Canada has none. More heavily armoured planes would be better suited to support infantry.
- Jeffery Simpson 
Herbivores channel Alice in Wonderland or don't care how Canadian CF-18s were partly responsible in stopping the ethnic cleansing in 1999 in Europe.

The main element of the operation was the air forces of NATO. The French Navy and Air Force operated the Super Etendard and the Mirage 2000. The Italian Air Force operated with 34 Tornado, 12 F-104, 12 AMX, 2 B-707, the Italian Navy operated with Harrier II. The British Royal Air Force operated the Harrier GR7 and Tornado ground attack jets as well as an array of support aircraft. Belgian, Danish, Dutch and Turkish Air Forces operated F-16s. The Spanish Air Force deployed F-18s. The Canadian Air Force deployed a total of 18 CF-18s, enabling them to be responsible for 10% of all bombs dropped in the operation. The fighters were armed with both guided and unguided "dumb" munitions, including the Paveway series of laser-guided bombs. The bombing regiment marked the first time the German Luftwaffe actively participated in combat operations since the end of World War II. The American B-2 Spirit stealth bomber also saw its first combat.- Wikipedia
F-35 $ 16 Billion Canadian Air Combat Fighter 

Is this how Liberals define their Canada? We’re giving the whole country an all-access pass to the Liberal vision for Canada’s future. Town by town, BBQ by BBQ, handshake by handshake, we’re showing Canadians that our party is the only progressive, compassionate, and responsible alternative to the Harper Conservatives.

Liberal public safety critic Mark Holland told the committee the issue is not front-line police officers. "The issue is the prime minister that put them there." Holland called the G20 a "security nightmare" and "absolute farce" that should never have taken place in a major city, where property damage was predictable.- Winnipeg Free Press
What do the herbivores want, a return to the dark years with the inability to respond to natural disasters, genocide in a timely matter?  If so, no thanks I want a government that pays the note and does not just talk about our international responsibility. My Canada not only helps, but leads.

Canada's G8 Maternal Health Policy
“Accountability is the key,” Harper said as he opened the meetings. “We must follow through on our initiatives and meet our commitments. If the countries with the greatest resources will not take action on the most urgent global issues, then who will?”

The $1.1 billion in new money brings Canada's total contribution to improving health care for children and mothers in developing countries to $2.85 billion over the next five years.

This Conservative led government is pushing for more action in order to move forward.


NeilD said...

From the CTV website:
Tories poised to announce $16B jet purchase.
The Harper government was expected to announce today one of the biggest military equipment purchases in history........

Are the Tories really about to purchase $16B worth of jets?
Is their War Room tired of issuing press releases?.
Or is the Canadian Government actually making the purchase?

Why is the Canadian government identified as the "Harper government"?
Doesn't that automatically exclude all of those in the opposition parties?

The_Iceman said...

Speaking of the media, which reporter on Pandora's bus broke the Iggy U of T job offer story?

CanadianSense said...

The "oversized cheque" producers at the Liberal media newsdesks may have made an error. Shocking I say!

The figure is not 100% accurate as it includes maintenance and is an estimate.

This has been a deal in the making for nearly 10 years before the CPC won. This is a joint project (9 nations) sharing the technology and repair contracts/jobs.

It shows how his team is not prepard to do their homework and discover the facts.

They did this with the H1N1 single source supplier to only discover the Liberals were at the trough for donations from this pharma.

CanadianSense said...

I am not sure but the remaining team on the Liberal express quickly refuted his Plan B exit to academia. (Damage control)

This is Liberal on Liberal sabotage.