Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MSM: Activist Agenda Unintended Consequences?

Take a routine decision and attempt to change public opinion by suggesting it is unusual and undemocratic and blow it up, blow it up really BIG. Remove any context or balance in your reporting.

Our activist media in their reckless pursuit to weaken our federal government is jeopardizing our support of our institutions and the good work being done at home and abroad.

Alumna Jadzia Karas is reaching out to orphan girls in Afghanistan.


Every day, Canadian-sponsored programs directly or indirectly build schools, immunize children, pave highways, equip police, feed the hungry, fight illiteracy, construct a federal education system, mentor municipal politicians.
And then there's a long list of small projects that often involve drilling a well for clean drinking water.
Teaching one 18-year-old woman to read and write will not defeat the Taliban or bring peace to Afghanistan. But Canadian public servants say it goes to the heart of Canada's overall mission to provide help to Afghans so they can help themselves.-Edmonton Journal

How much time has the media spent in talking about the Afghan Detainee Issue vs our other activity in Afghanistan? Is it any suprise the focus by our activist media has again lost credibility.

Our Activist Media:  Easy as 1-2-3
  1. Does our activist media divert limited resources to push a negative aspect of a event?
  2. Does our media cite experts that have a similar public position to add creditibily to your narrative?
  3. If story does not gain momentum find another negative "nugget" in the event to improve ratings.

Auditor General Sheila Fraser says she is impressed with development work Canada's military has undertaken in Afghanistan, but has concerns over what will happen to projects once the soldiers pull out.

Our activist media has been busy recycling an issue from 2006 to suggest War Crimes, Torture, Cover Up in Afghanistan on the evidence of a testimony of a single person, a field note at the expense of other parts of the mission.

What is the likelihood of Canada being able to continue it's mission after the media spent months promoting the nugget of their choice?

The opposition parties NDP, Bloc and Liberals did not support the extension of the mission. A few liberal MP broke ranks from Dion and adopted the Manley report.

Now we have seen this repeated at home with a constitutional tool used over 100 times by both Federal Parties. Did we see any context in the stories since our activist media ran with the nugget labeling it as a "undemocratic" move in 2008 and now 2010?
Harper keeps pushing the right buttons - THE Halifax Stanfield International Airport has been a busy spot for politicians the past few days.
While Liberal and NDP members of Parliament from Nova Scotia flew off to Ottawa for a "back-to-work" public relations exercise Monday, the Conservatives were busy off-loading bags of money.hard at work in their constituentcy offices, off to Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Davos, executing the mandate.

Cash for research, for parks, for rinks, . . . you name it, even Christmas trees and Sable Island.
All of this is hardly a coincidence.
Between his deft and speedy response to the Haiti catastrophe and the high-profile announcements underway to remind voters who controls the federal purse strings, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is doing all he can to dissipate the strident and apparently unexpected reaction to his decision to prorogue Parliament again this year.
The Conservatives may be playing defence right now, but it will probably work, despite the clamour from coast to coast over Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament.
Canadians who vote for the NDP, Liberals, represent special interest groups such as Anti War, Fair Vote, Unions supported the PRO coalition protest returned turned out in smaller numbers the thousands under 20,000  by some estimates on Sunday in organized rallies across the country to voice their displeasure with the prorogation the democratically elected government. A few months ago, most Canadians probably didn’t know the meaning of the word. Today, it’s tough to find many voters who support Harper’s decision to shut down our house of so-called democracy. After two weeks that saw millions of dollars in Free Publicity compliments of our MSM, the professional organizers, protest groups for two weeks dominated the airwaves, print media with misinformation and a lack of context regarding a 17 DAY delay in the sitting of Parliament for QP and committees.
Despite the explanations of a break for Parliament due to the Vancouver Winter Olympics that haven’t even started, most observers have opined that it is the heat over the Afghan detainee issue that just wasn’t going away that led Harper to pull the plug in Ottawa, thereby ending the continuing and politically damaging testimony about who knew what and when they knew it.........

We have a minority Government that requires the confidence of Parliament to EXIST and govern. Where are the alternatives to the CPC Throne Speech, Budget introduced January 2008? Is parliament "undemocratic" because the opposition parties are too busy participating in a public relations excercise(s) instead of doing their work?

Here is a very small list of publicity photos of our opposition NOT at WORK

Liberals - Photo Opp Fails Door are Open

 Liberals overhype H1N1, apologize for Bodybags 10% Flyer
Two Liberal MP's Protest outside Tim Hortons
Two more Liberals visit wrong field decrying funding delays.

 R.I.P. 2009

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