Friday, January 08, 2010

Is the Media Pushing Michael Ignatieff Out?

Time Is Up?

Charles Adler thinks so. Some of us think some in the left leaning MSM are pushing for another showdown this March 3, 2009 when parliament meets. The MSM has been active fabricating crisis after crisis in hopes Canadians will turn against the current government.

The fourth estate has been under a great deal of pressure as consumers have turned away from the traditional product. Some in the media have not come to grips how much prestige they have lost over the years in regards to shaping public opinion and ultimately influencing action. In Job Rankings a newspaper reporter scores lower than a Janitor and Tax Collector.

That's right a Newspaper reporter is over 100 rankings below! (Wouldn't you be angry after that all the school?)

Media Bias?

Here is an incomplete list of media fabricated stories in 2009.
  1. Liberals are likely to form the next government in January-September.
  2. CPC minister is in trouble for: "fill in the blank".
  3. Internal rumblings within the CPC to replace PM.
  4. Communion Wafer story at state funeral.
  5. Prime Minister being late for a photo op.
  6. H1N1, bodybags sent by gov't.
  7. Partisan spending bias regarding EAP
  8. Olympic Logo Bias.
  9. Olympic Torch Relay Bias.
  10. COP15 Canada is a significant player or blamed on world stage.
  11. Canadian Government is participating in a cover up : torture, abuse rampant in Afghanistan.
Media Bias strikes early in 2010

The left leaning media has begun a new campaign that we have a dictatorship in Canada because our PM has invoked a twenty two day delay in the house returning. The Media has been very active in promoting a Facebook group labeling it a large grassroots movement.

High Hopes

Some in the media had high hopes in Michael Ignatieff when he was first recruited by the Liberal Party. The grassroots were not impressed, they rejected him in Montreal. His (college buddy) Bob Rae on the final ballot refused to endorse Ignatieff and let his followers put Dion in charge.

The  media discovered another wasted honeymoon and a similar pattern as Iffy and his party remains unprepared to challenge the Harper led government. The media bias acts as a fluffer for the Liberal Party.
The deeper problem for Ignatieff may not be missed opportunities, but lack of authenticity. Rae is effective because he responds spontaneously, often with humour; he says what he means. Ignatieff says what he reads. S.R.
Has the media now shifted their hopes to Bob Rae to lead them back to the promised land for 2011?

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