Friday, January 22, 2010

The MSM Trying To Revive The Coalition II

When did our media become compromised? What was the first time they refused to do basic fact checking who was behind the latest publicity political stunt on proroguing the parliament for 22 days?

When did our media decide to take an activist role in providing a fake front for the coalition parties in the opposition?

non·par·ti·san/>n)adj. Based on, influenced by, affiliated with, or supporting the interests or policies of no single political party: a nonpartisan commission; nonpartisan opinions.-The Free Dictionary

Take a look at one of the actors who are claiming to be non-partisan, goes unreported by the media.

Shilo Davis is the national rally coordinator for Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament.

Is our MSM is giving FREE advertising to NDP?

Facebook and democracy

Shilo Davis, Special To The National Post  Published: Friday, January 22, 2010

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Spin Assassin said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: we really need a Canadian Fox News. -to restore balance if nothing else.

Jen said...

I echo your request.

Canada has no NATIONAL MEDIA-the coalition parties do. and they are:
CBC , CTV, GLOBAL G/M, T/S. and others like them.PRIDE LOYALTY RESPECT for this great country 'DOESN NOT EXIST within them.
International medias give canada great reviews on handling the economy yet it does not sing praises of thank yous instead we are hammered day and night on negativity.

All we canadians have are: CHARLES ADLER, LOWELL GREEN, ROY GREEN, MICHAEL CAMPBELL, DAVID RUTHERFORD and a few others, all of who are radio hosts.That's it.

The Afghans who lived and heard only Taliban media, now have a new media-we don't.
The Iraqi who heard only Saddam media now have a New Media- we don't.

Canadians have no new media they are still stuck in an era of the 90s media reporting and that's how they want to keep you.
My admiration goes to those citizens of war torn countries who fought their way through into the light refusing to have gloom and doom medias hovering over them and lying to them.

wilson said...

And to what end will the prorogygate protests come?


Mr Iffy says he will show up to a protest, but will not support Dipper legislation to strip the PM/GG of prorogation powers.

They will come by the hundreds to bitch and moan with signs of protest against everything from climate change to war resisters....
good for them.
But NOTHING will change.

And what then will they do with their frustration?

Positive Believer said...

I have heard it many times that we in Canada need a Fox News. I know absolutely nothing about the business, but looking at the numbers of Fox over the others, I am surprised why someone here doesn't get on the ball - it seems to me to be a certain successful venture. Even some of the bloggers here are way ahead of those at CBC-CTV and the Star. Come on somebody out there - GET GOING - Canada needs it.

wilson said...

Time to harness this energy,
give Canadians a voice,

Ardvark said...

How many more of these "grassroots" rallies are being organized by political parties?

Now that is something worth looking into by the MSM.

The_Iceman said...

The media does have a self serving interest. When there is a controversy or election, more people watch the news and buy newspapers. The more chaos there is in Ottawa, theoretically the more people tune in.

Rich said...

A Little fact that lib bloggers and MSM seem to have misinterpreted:

1) Prorogation was not 3 months as these people like to insinuate. (MP's return to Parliament on January 25th from their Christmas break & break again for the winter Olympics in Vancouver on Feb 11th. by my calculation if Parliament had resumed on January 25th there would have been five sitting days left in January and 10 sitting days in February = a total of 15 sitting days far cry from 3 months.

2) Government MP's although not in Parliament at the time, are still working and doing constituency business or in the case of cabinet ministers and parliamentary secretaries are still doing government work.

3) Previous Liberal governments of Trudeau and Chretien have prorogued Parliament at total of 15times (11 by Trudeau & 4 by Chretien) also used prorogation to avoid having to face parliament on a number of issues such as answering to the Auditor General on the adscam affair or the Somalia enquiry in to torture and slaying of a Somali teenager.

4) so called facebook page started by a university student activist who is a candidate for the NDP.

Question to MSM why let a little thing know as the truth interfer with your bias support of the Libs & NDP.

Patrick Ross said...

I'm sorry to have to say that you didn't really make much of a case here.

What does the National Post publishing a piece by Shilo Davis have to do with reviving the coaliton? You need to stay on topic and connect the dots.

CanadianSense said...


I agree the "title" of the post without including links from other sites, to illustrate a pattern by our MSM does NOT make a case for the media pushing an alternative.

I have been posting a few months on how the media cherry pick "experts". In some of those posts I have included how the MSM introduce bias by not reporting facts in context or balance.

I am curious and concerned how much money, energy, free publicity our media has participated in the latest publicity stunt.

(I still believe, it will fizzle out- AA has a great breakdown)but Stephen Taylor notes how many articles on prorogue, several others have noted who the non-partisans are (NDP, Liberal) professional organizer, activists being indentified incorrectly. Just like Mark Sakamoto (CBC-liberal staffer in the H1N1 line)
Who is making phone calls and decision authorizing during tough financial condition to send our News Crew to report on 30-40 people protesting at various events?

How many other protest "events" with a larger turnouts are not widely covered in our media?

CanadianSense said...

Spin Assassin, Jen, Wilson, Positive Believer I am in agreement Canadians could benefit from a less biased media who fall into groupthink too often and rely on the Ottawa bubble in determining important stories.

The cutbacks and lean times has affected the stories in Ottawa.

Has the MSM gone to the well too often in relying on partisan bloggers and suggesting they are credible?

Scott R. is a wafer Liberal in denial of the results of the investigation proving it was a fake story, posted and his post of cost of prorogue makes the national post.

Shilo the national rally organizer is an NDPer in Hamilton.

In Oakville the NDP,Greens are leading the charge. The Liberals may be avoiding the event not sure.

CanadianSense said...


I agree the media are driving this event. I am curious how much "ad space" was donated by our media in a valuation for giving these unidentfied non-partisan liberals,ndp, green activists this publicity stunt.

I estimate over $ 100 million.( Dec 30 - January 30 - stories, tv shows etc)will be spent in free publicity from our msm in pushing this latest publicity stunt.