Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Liberals Sink Farther: Trying To Score Cheapshot on Haiti Earthquake?


The Twitter Party of Canada (TPOC) formerly known as the LPOC may have repeated another cheap shot to smear our government. Did Ralph Goodale suggest Canada will be unable to help because our parliament is prorogued in a CBC interview? From doorknobs, novelty cheques, communion wafers when will the adults regain control of this political party?

The only upside if correct, very few people actually watch the CBC, other than Hockey Night in Canada the CBC rarely breaks the Top Weekly Programs.

Reality vs Spin

Canada is responding

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada is ready to help the people of Haiti "during this time of need."
Canada is home to a large community of those of Haitian descent and "our thoughts and prayers are with them as they seek word about the safety of their loved ones," Harper added.
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said about 6,000 Canadians are in Haiti and there have yet to be reports if any are injured. Canadians concerned about relatives in the country can call the emergency operations centre in Ottawa at 1-800-387-3124, (613) 943-1055, or by email:
Canadians in Haiti can contact embassy officials in Port-au-Prince by calling (613) 996-8885.
The Canadian government has a large presence in Haiti. Canadians are also attached to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the country.
The UN headquarters in Haiti sustained "serious damage" and an unknown number of personnel are unaccounted for, including five Canadians. CTV

Previous Examples of Adult Supervision Required

UPDATE  H/T to Neil comments sections on PPES 59.00 minutes in discussing this cheap stunt. Only the Liberal guest defends the cheap shot. (Go figure!) The government does not need the voices from the cheap seats debating how much water or what is needed to respond to this emergency.

 It's official Ralph Goodale will use anything to score a cheapshot.

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