Friday, January 15, 2010

MSM: Applying The Michael Mann Hockey Stick In Federal Politics

The unbiased objective media have been busy in pursuit of a negative or sexy news scandal story to boost their ratings. After the Bubble Boy, Tiger Woods stories have dried up they have now decided to pick a series of Polls in Sept 2009  to link the "Prorogue" by highlighting two or three Polls taken from January 1-14, 2009.

Are the Media jumping to conclusions?
Looking at the polls, it would be tempting to conclude that the so-called chattering class has scored a rare point against Conservative spin doctors. But the more likely explanation is that, as in the case of the arts cuts in Quebec, the Conservatives are losing the prorogation debate on their preferred field of populism.- Chantal Herbert 

What's really happened as a result of the public at last expressing itself is that Harper, neatly and adroitly, has just prorogued himself.- Actually, Parliament does matter

A proliferation of reporting techniques and partisan views should occur in the decades to come as the number of national news organizations increase. Fox News already attempts to differentiate its product from the perceived liberal media bias. At least some of the new organizations should find it profitable to cater to conservative viewers. CAN THE MEDIA BE SO LIBERAL?

Michael Mann ran into some criticism when he chose to select specific tree ring data and exclude other, did the MSM follow the same example in discussing the recent Polls? You be the judge. (This video was brilliant)

Prorogue-gate 2010 MSM lead political story ( Two weeks heavy rotation)

We have had the MSM produce a large number of television shows and print articles depicting the present minority government as despotic and dictatorial for delaying a return to parliament by seventeen sitting days. The MSM has widely reported it as Parliament is "shutdown" for 2-4 months.

Pick the biggest Gap in 2009
The 14-15 point lead was a high water mark that only took lasted for approximately one month only after the Liberals threatened an election and their leader asked voters to examine his leadership and his party.

Democracy in Action -Ignore  
In 2009 we had four By-elections in which Canadians participated by sending two more CPC MP's to Parliament. The CPC captured 50% of the seats, one went to the NDP and the last to the Bloc. The Liberal Party of Canada were shut out (0-4) they failed to make ANY vote gains in three of the four contests. In the one riding they improved their results: It can be concluded to the fact they did not run a candidate last time (Dion-May deal).

CanadaNewsDesk Polls - You can configure to include All Posters - Great Site.

Is the MSM decision to use the largest spread and the recent Polls as an affirmation of their power, influence in shaping public opinion? You decide

I wrote about the Forrest Gump of Politics and ignoring the Real Numbers.

Parliament will meet on March 3, 2010.

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