Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am proud of my Prime Minister and proud of our country's decision to help Haiti. This is NOT the time for political games by any political party.

I have uploaded a few pictures and screenshots regarding Federal Politics, Olympics. Enjoy. We have gone through a very tough global recession and we use this latest example of our government's professionalism in getting it done! ( I will upload higher quality versions shortly)

Another Toronto Star columnist reflecting on the current government decisive actions from one of the few Liberal strongholds trying offering meek praise.

For some people, nothing will ever satisfy them, their distrust and hatred of everything Harper has made their judgement unbalanced. This tragedy is just another example of broken moral compass of some in the left.

Disaster brings out the worst and best in governments. Paul Martin's harmed itself by dithering through the early days of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami; Stephen Harper's is doing well at home by doing good in Haiti. -Toronto Star January 21, 2009 Jim Travers.


NB Tory Gal said...

Thank you for this article. *thumbs up*
If I am not being too bold..I started a facebook group that could use your positive outlook.

NB Tory Gal

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate all your hard work
fantastic video
please consider joining Facebook I SUPPORT the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper over 1000 members


Fay said...

I love the video! Good job.

Bec said...

Wonderful, wonderful, CS! It made me feel so patriotic and a wonderful way to enjoy my morning java. Thank you for doing this and everything you continue to do. I'm not sure we thank you Blog masters, often enough so again, thanks!

CanadianSense said...


Feel free to take the video for the facebook group.

I don't FB or tweet.

Keep up the great work!

Canadians are not into negative SPIN and fake scandals.

The angry activists will never be happy!

CanadianSense said...

Fay, Bec,

ty I took a few mintues with Pinnacle software to make this video.

Our PM is doing a great job and the naysayers from the cheapseats will never be content.