Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Are They Even Trying?

Welcome The Deadbeats Society

Liberals need a Bailout? Elections Canada loses court case in collecting GST overpayment, some estimate Liberal Party of Canada is over a million in arrears.

Leadership Debts 2006:  "Due to a difficult fund-raising environment, including a recession, a general election and constant election speculation,....-We suck and no one likes us enough to donate to our political party after Montreal 2006?

As Mr. Mayrand is not allowed to grant further extensions, the candidates are left in a difficult position. If they can raise the money, they must now get permission from a judge to pay off their loans. Otherwise, the outstanding debts will be treated as campaign contributions under the law.-National Post
 We used to be able to punish debtors by putting them in prison.

National Post has already solved the Liberal Debt, that is environmental sustainable and it includes Farewell University Tour in his post. I hope these progressives step up and help.

October 30, 2009 I was pointing to the financial problems.

Liberal Party: Rossi Fundraising Third Quarter Pie Anyone?

Pundits Guide Political Party and Information Finances (Great Blog)

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