Friday, October 30, 2009

Liberal Party: Rossi Fundraising Third Quarter Pie Anyone?

The Liberal Party has continued to increase the overal number of contributors but the gap between them and the CPC is not closing,
How many of the 1677 contributors who STOPPED were Big Fish maxed out?
June 2009 QTRLY 19,487 September 2009 QTRLY 17,810
A drop in 8.6% since the last quarter.
The percentage from the contributor make donations has begun to shrink, as they increase their overall numbers. That is generally considered a substantial early sign or weakness in fundraising.
Why are contributors scaling back their overall contribution, what is responsible for the loss of share of mind (wallet) in individual contributors?
1) Leadership, party dissaffection.
2) Personal financial hardship.
3) Ineffective marketing, communication strategy.
Feedback Systems-Tools are not able to quantify the reasons for the "share of wallet" dropping.

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