Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Evil Just Wrong - Global Warming Taxes

 Who will stand up against Junk Science and unecessary taxes


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Michael Ignatieff offers vision for cleaner, more prosperous Canada

“At the heart of our next platform will be the most significant national investment in clean energy jobs this country has ever seen. This starts with a relentless commitment to renewable power.”

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 Follow the Money

Ultimately, some industry insiders see a future of integrated biorefineries, where the majors will have a suite of low-carbon products they can blend at varying strengths for different markets.
For now, though, the majors are maintaining a cautious stance even as they invest in biofuels, a position shared by industry analysts. "It's an exciting area, but it's unproven," says Angus McCrone, senior analyst at New Energy Finance Ltd., an alternative-energy research firm. "We still don't know if you can produce them at a cost that's economic.…It's a gamble."

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