Friday, October 30, 2009

Liberal Party: No Confidence in Government of Canada

Celebrating the "flame" for it represents "hope" in us.

Michael Ignatieff ignoring the election results on October 14, 2008 when Canadians returned the Liberals with the lowest POP since 1867 gave a threatening speech rebuking the Government of Canada led by PM Stephen Harper in Sudbury declaring:
"After four years of drift, four years of denial, four years of division and discord-- Mr. Harper, your time is up," Mr. Ignatieff declared in an address to his national caucus at a retreat to prepare MPs and senators for the resumption of Parliament in two weeks.
"The Liberal party cannot support this government any further. We will hold Stephen Harper to account. We will oppose his government in Parliament." Read more:

Four weeks later the Liberal Party of Canada led by Michael Ignatieff is again polling around levels unseen since 1867.

If the Liberals were successful in their motion to force an unwanted and uncessary election for November, the Government of Canada would be distracted to secure another mandate.

Are the Liberals more interested in stopping the Government in Canada taking "credit" for Global Recovery?
Are the Liberals concerned the Government of Canada may get credit for the pride and nationalism stemming from the Olympics?

The official opposition have decided to spend the month of September in attacking the government on:
  1. Use of logos, advertising, colour blue, interference on funds, partisan advertising promoting EAP.
  2. Conspiracy of interfering with the Olympic branding.
  3. Incompetence on handling H1N1.
  4. [fill in the blank] depending upon rumor in newspaper.

Official Opposition have made a tactical error in trying to gain the attention of the public without presenting any "real evidence" as they only press those attacks under legal protection inside the House of Commons.

Torch relay and bearers and crowds to welcome this historic event.

Canadians are NOT interested in politicians playing games. Canadians are tuning out the Liberal Party and their negative style of politics.

Sage Advice to be ignored by Liberals: Risk backlash over growing patriotism and nationalism

The Games reflect the Host country and the world at the time of the game. The world is now watching, do you keep attacking the federal government with the world stage watching to advance your party's interest ?

Be prepared for the judgement at the booth if you continue to talk down the recovery, allege corruption inside the HOC only, force an unwanted and uncessary election.

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