Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Amateur Hour Extended: Liberal Party

When the CBC and Jane Taber calls out the Liberal Party
as being desperate trying to keep this story alive.
Rock bottom can't be far behind! 
Wayne Easter’s stunt to embarrass government MPs today misfired. Instead, he embarrassed himself. - Jane Taber

Top Liberal attack dog's pawprints are all over this one

Party is getting way too much mileage out of that dumb cheque gaffe

Liberal MP David McGuinty, not known for understatement, declared: "We believe this is probably the most massive propaganda effort of any kind seen at the federal government level in Canadian history."
His memory is either short or selective. There was something called the sponsorship scandal, that grew out of the Liberal government's effort to show the Canadian flag in Quebec after the near-death experience of the 1995 referendum.
Another Liberal MP, Wayne Easter, held up a door knob to  illustrate routine maintenance, as opposed to new infrastructure dollars, on a federal building in Prince Edward Island. He should be careful about having his picture taken with a doorknob--it invites comparisons.
On a day when the Liberals could have loaded the bases, they never even got to first.

Cheque scandal just partisan smoke

That such subjective analysis can pass for serious journalism is a testament to the 24/7/365 multi-media news model that favours headline grabbing content without context over the most basic research necessary to pass a high school civics course.
Yes, a few Tories took a justifiable hit for party logos on photo-op cheques last week. It was wrong, period. It serves as a reminder to elected officials at all levels: It is not your constituency, it is the constituency that you represent. And it’s never mythical government money, it’s taxpayers’ money (often from future generations via deficits) that is being spent.
But to assert that a cabal of government ministers and senior officials is doling out federal funds by riding name and postal code is ludicrous. What’s next: Elvis to the Senate?
Nik Nanos Oct 10-18, 2009
The CPC increased the gap in Ontario.The Liberals are dropping in Quebec and British Columbia.The Liberals are continuing to lose support EVERYWHERE while the NDP have gained except the Prairies.

EKOS Seat Projection
In terms of regional strength, the Conservatives would be able to claim that they were a national
party, representing every region with a significant number of seats, including Quebec, where we
estimate they would hold 10 seats.
The Liberals, in contrast, would hold just 10 seats west of Ontario, almost all of them in British
Columbia. They would trail the Conservatives in every region in the country except Quebec,
where, despite having similar popular support to the Conservatives, they would win a few more
seats due to a more efficient distribution of votes.
Speaking at an Ottawa daycare centre, Ignatieff said he wouldn't support the Conservatives on confidence motions, but added that he won't actively pursue attempts to bring them down.
Liberals will not cooperate and will trigger an election on confidence votes. Liberal Senators stop blocking some legislation that was supported unamiously in the HOC.

Hey Libs: Pick one and go with it!
Running communications for a political party is a trying task at the best of times. Even more so when you're competing with...yourself.
Angus Ried Poll
In mid-October, the Liberal leader has seen his standing drop dramatically. A majority of Canadians (51%) say their opinion of Ignatieff has worsened over the course of the past month, while only six per cent report an improvement. The Grit leader's momentum score is -45.
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