Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Michael Ignatieff: Green Shift Lite

The Global Warming Cabal needs governments to fund Billions in "Green Technology"

Al Gore and Michael Ignatieff Lobbyists for the Wind and Solar Industry?

Who will be asked to pay for these projects?

 Breaking News: Green Shift Lite is revised.

“At the heart of our next platform will be the most significant national investment in clean energy jobs this country has ever seen. This starts with a relentless commitment to renewable power.”

How is the Federal Government going to legislate a Provincial responsibility to encourage energy efficiency and diversity of energy?

MI brags about China and their efforts. Will the Federal Government ignore the divison of powers?

He is misleading the public about the powers and responsibilities of the Federal government, the experiences in other countries, and trying to ignore what is a really great Canadian success story – hydroelectricity – so he can score some shots, irresponsibility trying to look green for supporting an unreliable technology that not only doesn’t work but isn’t part of the area of responsibility he is seeking from the public. It also costs a bizarre and indefensible amount of money and is probably the hottest political issue in Ontario with an organized grassroots opposition movement opposing it.-John Laforet former federal Liberal Riding President
Montreal Gazette asks softball questions to Michael Ignatieff:

L-P: You said in your speech that the Liberals would unveil "the most ambitious plan'' for green investment Canada has ever seen. Doesn't this sound like your predecessor Stephane Dion's 'green shift' carbon tax plan, which was roundly rejected by Canadian voters in the last election?

MI: "Did you hear the word 'carbon tax' in my speech? On the contrary, Canadians understand that being productive and being competitive in this marketplace means getting your energy costs down. Energy efficiency is key to increasing profitability, it's key to the capacity to invest, it's key to the capacity to hire new workers. We've got to do everything we can to encourage energy efficiency and ... diversity of energy supply. Which is why we have to go big on renewables. If one per cent of our energy input is renewables, and we're facing a world where other people are getting 15, 16, even 20 per cent of their energy from renewables, then we're just behind the eight-ball. I don't think this puts a target on anybody's back. I think what this says to Canadian workers and Canadian companies is: Here is a federal government that understands what we need to do to be competitive.''

Global Waming Solar Wind Lobbyists?
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade demonstrated a staggering ignorance on the ‘clean energy’ file. His speech today demonstrated a total lack of understanding of this division of power. What’s more, he incorrectly accused Canada of not being a green energy leader. We are. Hydroelectricity represents 88% of the world’s installed renewable energy source. Canada is second only to China in the production of hydroelectric power, and is forth in the world for use of hydroelectricity as a percentage of supply.
The majority of Canada’s power production (just under 60%) comes from hydroelectricity. We’re three times greener than Denmark – but more importantly because of energy use, considerably more than that megawatt to megawatt.-John Laforet

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