Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Conservatives maintain lead but still shy of majority: Poll: Snapshot 3 months

Three Rules: Polling in Politics
  1.  Deny the snapshot as faulty.
  2. Cite as a blunt heavy object to use against your opponent.
  3. See rule 1 or 2.
This law depends on where your party fits in the poll.

 This Pollster produced a poll that was called an "Outlier" 3 months ago and now the numbers have not moved significantly.

If an election were held tomorrow, the Conservatives would receive 39 per cent of support among decided voters across the country, up two percentage points from a survey in late September. The Liberals are running at 29 per cent, down one point, according to the Ipsos Reid poll, commissioned by Canwest News Service and Global National.

The NDP remains in third place nationally with 13 per cent, down a point, followed by the Bloc Quebecois with 10 per cent, up one point, and the Green party at eight per cent, down a point.
Eight per cent of voters are undecided.

CTV Question Period Sunday October 11, 2009

NDP flipped on voting against the CPC, the Liberals flipped flopped again on voting against the CPC on every confidence motion.

Short Answer the Polls that NO one pays attention too show both parties stand to lose seats and risk giving the CPC a majority. Survival and self preservation are on display for the voters.

The Liberals and NDP both are for sale. See Polls or $ 1 Billion in extra money for long tenure employees.

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