Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adult Conversation: Are Ontario voters going to support Liberals for much longer?

Green Monster - Green Shift vs taxpayer

I have yet to meet a fellow taxpayer demanding they pay 40% more for the privilege of turning on their lights or heating their homes this winter. Can Dalton and Michael as Liberals win this debate?

 Liberal Party of Canada
“We need to power Canada on clean energy. Clean energy is jobs. It’s trade. It’s rebuilding our place in the world and leaving Canada stronger and more prosperous than we’ve ever been,” Mr. Ignatieff said in a speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade.

“At the heart of our next platform will be the most significant national investment in clean energy jobs this country has ever seen. This starts with a relentless commitment to renewable power.”

In his speech, Mr. Ignatieff said he would make renewable power a national priority by working with business, communities and all orders of government to design incentives that encourage new renewable power projects. This starts with a renewed commitment to renewable power production incentives that Conservatives are now failing to fund.

Liberal Party of Ontario


He's using taxpayers' money to massively subsidize wind -- paying 13.5 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity generated from wind turbines (19 cents for offshore projects) compared to the normal cost of generation of four to five cents.

Wind companies are scrambling to cash in, building and proposing thousands of turbines across Ontario, massive steel structures as high as 40 storeys.

The province has been flooded with so many applications for offshore wind farms that Natural Resources Minister Donna Cansfield announced last week it won't consider any more until next year, just so it can catch up on the paperwork.

Alarmingly, Ontario's mad rush to embrace renewable energy sources that aren't viable without massive public subsidies and are incapable, given current technology, of supplying "on demand" power to the grid, is being led by the same two politicians, McGuinty and Energy Minister George Smitherman, mainly responsible for the $1 billion eHealth boondoggle. (Smitherman used to be health minister.) 

I look forward to the debate about paying for these subsidies.

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