Thursday, October 15, 2009

Panic Button or realization Liberals are responsible for their own Polling numbers?

Despite many attempts to draw anger against the current government: Novelty Cheques, Olympic Logo conspiracy, body bags, wafers, unsexy comments, plagerism----> Liberal alternative government is not resonating with regular voters.

A great website that deserves more attention.


Canadians less pessimistic about economy/more conservative about government spending

Following last week’s movement upward in the polls, Canada’s federal Conservatives have solidified an impressive, potentially majority-producing lead among Canadians, with the Liberals now mired at the same historic lows under Michael Ignatieff that they suffered under former leader Stéphane Dion.

Meanwhile, Canadians are getting more optimistic – or at least less pessimistic – about the economy. They also are showing a decisive preference for smaller over larger government, as Canada appears to be emerging from the recession.

“All of this bodes well for Harper’s Tories and poorly for Ignatieff’s Liberals,” said Frank Graves, President of EKOS Research Associates. “Canadians are beginning to think the worst is over with the recession, which should play to the government’s favour. They are also opting strongly for a small-c conservative view of government.”

At the moment, the Conservatives are comprehensively ahead of the Liberals nationwide. They not only lead by more than 50 percentage points in Alberta, but by 36 in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 16 in British Columbia, 13 in Ontario, eight in the Atlantic provinces, and they are in a virtual tie in Quebec (though both well behind the Bloc Québécois there).

“The Liberals are under siege everywhere they turn,” said Graves. “Even New Canadians, under-25 Canadians, and the university-educated appear to be turning against them. Most stunning of all, the Conservatives now have a lead among women of almost 11 percentage points.”

Traditionally, governments suffer during recessions, and take solace from signs of recovery. At the moment, Canadians are still more cautious than many economists. Nearly half think Canada is still in a “mild recession” – but that is nonetheless down 10 percentage points from January. The number thinking we are in a period of growth has jumped from just 3% in January to nearly 20%.

Some might have imagined that Canadians would emerge from this recession with a taste for government spending and more activist government. Not at all.

At the moment, a chastened Canadian public prefers a low-tax, low-service government over a higher-taxing government with a higher level of services by a margin of nearly two-to-one.


Is anyone shocked at these numbers after the REPEATED election threats and most recent declaration by the Liberal Party leader in Sudbury "Time is Up"? Most bloggers in the Liberal fantasyland agreed with MI's strategy. Are the Lib bloggers parrots for the Liberal Party?

Where are the critical thinkers for the Liberal Party, where are the dissenters and Liberals who disagree with the lack of articulated public policy alternatives, effective strategy and poor polling results?

The Liberal Party will be hosting a "thinkers conference" later this year, if the Lib blogs is any indication of the great minds advising the Liberal Party, the current government has nothing to worry about from the Liberal Party.

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