Friday, October 09, 2009

MI: Adult Conversation, No Plan until I am elected. Trust Me

Nowhere Man to sell The Plan: NO PLAN!

"He doesn't believe he can develop a plan to get us out of this mess, until you know what the real numbers are. That is where we are and there's no strategy beyond that."-Jill Fairbother

If true, that is a pathetic confession of incompetence.

51 per cent say they disapprove of the way Ignatieff is handling his job.

Mr. Ignatieff is paying the political cost of a disunited caucus and plunging poll numbers. He desperately needs to change a public perception that, fairly or not, portrays him as an ineffective leader who cannot even control his own MPs.

"Ignatieff has gone from a very positive approval rating when he assumed the leadership less than a year ago to a decisively negative one." -Frank Greaves President Ekos

(So will he listen and change his current position of defeating the government on every confidence motion?


Will the party split if he forces another no-confidence vote? The majority of Liberal MP's do NOT want another election.


"September's full-time increase of 92,000 -- the largest since May 2006 -- was partially offset by part-time losses of 61,000," the federal agency said. "Construction, manufacturing and educational services saw employment increases in September, while there were declines in transportation and warehousing." Read more:

The current leadership believe holding townhalls and listening to voters will yield a different result? We don't want an election and we KNOW you are NOT the alternative we want to replace the current PM with a six week campaign. We want you to work together and cooperate in getting the work done. We don't want annual elections. We returned your party with the lowest POP in over 100 years less than one year ago.

We don't trust the Liberal Party do anything better. Fancy speeches and TV ads filmed in an enchanted forest won't cut it. You offer No Plan and want us to have an election because you don't like being out of power, no thanks.

The Polling reflects the anger towards the opposition parties who are trying to force another election.

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