Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Beleaguered Ignatieff denies plan


to shake up inner circle




In the past month, Ignatieff has been forced to backtrack on his threat to force an election at the earliest opportunity. And he's had to shake up his Quebec team after his provincial lieutenant, Denis Coderre, quit in a huff.

Coderre bitterly blamed Ignatieff's Toronto-centred inner circle for interfering in his job of recruiting candidates for the next election.

The addition of Donolo to the team wouldn't help Ignatieff shake the perception that he's too Toronto-centric.

 Liberal MP's have not prepared, no plan to deal with telephone calls about H1N1?              

In our daily review of publicity stunts by Liberals, does a qualified medical doctor MP admits her office and her party is NOT prepared to deal with telephone calls from here constituents or she stoking the fears and confusion in Question Period?

Does she expect Ottawa to dictate to Federal, Provincial, Foreign Nationals experts in the medical field to have only ONE opinion?

Who is next?

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