Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Liberal Party - Reduced to a Party of Props and Political Games CBC helping Liberal Party

“First Nations communities should not be used as punching bags for a political party.” Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq

“We are in a pandemic situation where Dr. Bennett should know better.

Liberals are forced to apologize to soften damage playing political games and sending OFFENSIVE taxpayer funded flyer.

Liberal Party should  be asked to PAY for the cost of that disgusting flyer using Aboriginals as props over a serious issue in an attempt to throw mud at the government.

Reasons for Sending the Disgusting Taxpayer Funder Flyer?

Liberal MP Rob Oliphant suggested the flyers had been printed before the outcome of the body-bag investigation was known.’s intentions were honourable.


Grand Chief Ron Evans of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs told a parliamentary committee the flyer was “very’s really troubling to our people.”

 Where is the outrage and the MSM denouncing the Liberal Party?

The Economy
Half of Canadians (50%) are satisfied with the reaction of the federal government to the economic crisis,
while 46 per cent are dissatisfied.

Alberta (61%) and Manitoba and Saskatchewan (62%) are home to the largest proportion of respondents
who are satisfied with the federal government’s response, while a majority of Quebecers (52%) are

Two-in-five Canadians (44%) either completely or moderately trust Harper to do the right thing to help the
economy recover, while just one-in-four (25%) feel the same way about Ignatieff. Mark Carney, the
Governor of the Bank of Canada, is also trusted by 44 per cent of Canadians, although 27 per cent are

The problems are deep: not just an overall slide from their fall election rush, but a loss in traditional bases of women and ethnic voters. In Quebec, where being the main federalist option can win more seats, they're neck and neck with the Tories again.
The Liberal opposition, instead of creating a political alternative, is again engaged in mudslinging, hoping to get back into power by convincing the electorate that the government is bad and by making promises they know they will not keep.
An apologetic staffer in Ignatieff's office blamed the head-scratcher on technical gremlins.

Why is the CBC using videos from the Liberal Party vault?

The Video has been edited to ignore perfectly for the benefit of the Liberal Party and the source is the Liberal Pary vault.

Liberal Vault embedded video on CBC

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