Saturday, October 03, 2009

Prime Minister of Canada: Harper's performance stunned and wowed the crowd.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper received a standing ovation after he surprised guests at a National Arts Centre Gala in Ottawa on Saturday night by playing the piano and singing a light-hearted Beatles tune.
Harper, a Beatles fan, joined cellist Yo-Yo Ma on stage and sang a rendition of With a Little Help From My Friends.

CBC's Evan Solomon, who attended the gala, said Harper's performance stunned and wowed the crowd, and received high praise even from members of opposition parties who were also there for the evening.

Politically, this was a master stroke. The video clip of the PM, singing in tune, having a laugh and enjoying a great piece of music is now launched on the Internet, and the viral impact will likely be extensive. Not a moment of it looked false, even though it could hardly have been more carefully planned.

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, left, reacts to a surprised crowd as he follows special guest Prime Minister Stephen Harper onto the National Arts Centre stage for a surprise performance Oct. 3, 2009 by the prime minister. Harper sang and played piano on the Beatles song, "With a Little Help From My Friends," accompanied by the internationally renowned cellist. Guests at the gala, which helps raise money for youth and the arts, gave him a standing ovation.

Looks like someone ha been playing  The Beatles™: Rock Band™ .  Another example of public relations done well. The CPC are aware the public is NOT interested in returning to the Polls. If the CPC can continue to implement the Economic Action Plan and retain the power of the Government behind them the Polls should continue to reward them.



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