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Liberals need help to stop the Government Economic Action Plan Advertising

The Liberals are publicy whining about "oversized" cheques, publicity stunts, signs, advertising .

 Reporter Asks: Do you have any proof of illegal activities?

David McGuinty admits:  Nope we just don't want the PM or CPC MP's to use oversize cheques and continue with these PR stunts.

The Liberals new weapon: Code of Ethics! Liberals request begs Ethics Commissioner please SAVE us from the Harper advertising, publicity stunts with oversized cheques, "expensive" large signs outside buildings.

Reporter states your BROTHER'S face is all over the Ontario Government website! 

David McGuinty looks confused trying to explain  the reporters comments about several Premiers, MMP, City Councillors use similar "PR" stunts. (Are they wrong too? Are you going to apply the same standard on your brother and Ethics Commissioner for the Provincial Government?)

David McGuinty wants Liberals allowed, invited to those "PR" stunts and wants Liberal MP's to take photos to get credit. David MGuinty states the PM's "PR" is lame!

Reporters ask questions that make David McGuinty look partisan and small. David refers to Gerrad Kennedy as his "source" for facts in same breath Kevin Page is unable to review the numbers. David McGuinty makes claims about abuses about the program that they can't get the details from.

A reporter asks: Is this like the Sponsorship Scandal? 

David McGuinty say yes. 

We are going to expose the "Harper" Government for use of propaganda, ethical regulations.

Liberal Protestors (massive outcry outside Tims Hortons!)

The scathing report used words such as "scandalous" and "appalling" to describe how the Liberal government abused the system.
She found that $100 million was paid to a variety of communications agencies in the form of fees and commissions and said the program was basically designed to generate commissions for these companies rather than to produce any benefit for Canadians.

Public Works officials "broke just about every rule in the book" when it came to awarding contracts to Groupaction, which was paid millions doing work for the government under the sponsorship program, Fraser said.

'Boondoggle' minister leaving politics

She became the minister at Human Resources Development Canada in 1999, shortly after the news broke that $1-billion in job creation money couldn't be accounted for.Some of it had been directed to projects in Liberal ridings that didn't qualify for the program.

Stress and Anxiety levels have been rising in the Liberals

Massive outcry Liberal Protest! (Notice the close cropped shot?)
In April, a few weeks after he was chosen to lead the Liberals, Michael Ignatieff posted a positive momentum score, a feat that was unattainable for either Stephen Harper or Jack Layton. During the summer, Ignatieff maintained a better momentum score than the two other main federal leaders.

In mid-October, the Liberal leader has seen his standing drop dramatically. A majority of Canadians (51%) say their opinion of Ignatieff has worsened over the course of the past month, while only six per cent report an improvement. The Grit leader's momentum score is -45.

Harper has seen his best numbers of the year, with 16 per cent of respondents saying their opinion of the Prime Minister has improved (up seven points since August) and 28 per cent saying it has worsened, for a momentum score of -12.

Layton also has a negative momentum score of -12, but the vast majority of respondents (62%) say their views on the NDP leader have not fluctuated over the course of the past month.

A press release from the Liberal Party on September 25, 2009 clearly demostrates a party that is in panic and a high level of anxiety.

CapituLayton Chronicles  

Published on September 25, 2009

Here’s what the NDP propped up this week:
  1. A Minister of Health who has still not apologized for the delivery of body bags to Aboriginal communities;
  2. A government that is spending five times as much on taxpayer funded partisan ads than on an H1N1 education campaign;
  3. A Prime Minister who skipped out on a UN conference on climate change to do a corporate promotion event which could have been scheduled any time;
  4. A government that failed to deliver on job creation infrastructure stimulus because they were too busy focusing on photo-ops and pork barrel politics;
  5. A Minister of Fisheries who sent out a press release promoting an escort service instead of a hotline to support lobster fishermen
  6. A government that refuses to fund a medical device research facility in Markham “because it’s held by the Liberals”

 Signs of Liberals who may have a bedwetting problem

A visit to Lib blogs shows stress and anxiety is at a very high level after momentum for the MI has dropped dramatically.

The Polls reflect a distraught Liberal party at 25-30% National support and if an election were to be called they would be unable to stop the CPC from winning and possibly capturing a majority.

For many Liberal Bloggers the discussion of the CPC gaining a majority and for their party being kept out of power is a very stressful issue. Some of these bloggers like to equate the current CPC with fascist dictators who were responsible for the deaths of millions. They repeat conspiracy theories and claim a right wing group from the US and Western Canada are trying to destroy Canada.

For some of these Liberal bloggers they have convinced themselves a CPC majority would damage the country and the changes would be irreversible.

Some of these Liberal bloggers blame TV ads, dirty tricks for their party's failure to win support for the last four years. The latest replacement MI who is just visiting has wasted a modest honeymoon phase and now is polling in a range to reflect the worst showing P.O.P. since confederation again.

Stress and Anxiety (con't)

Psychological issues (e.g., death in the family, sexual abuse, extreme bullying) are established as a cause of secondary nocturnal enuresis (a return to bedwetting),[10] but are very rarely a cause of PNE-type bedwetting.[8][11]
When Enuresis is caused by a psychological disorder, the bedwetting is considered a symptom of the disorder. Enuresis does have a psychological diagnosis code (see previous section), but it is not considered a psychological condition itself.[4] (See section on psychological/social impact, below)

If you have only recently started to wet the bed, it could be caused by:
  • urine infection
  • alcohol, coffee or diuretic medicines
  • sleeping tablets
  • diabetes
  • stress and anxiety
  • other conditions

Tory billboard blitz sparks outcry according to the Toronto Star.

A photograph of five-six people staged outside a recent EAP presentation qualifies as an outcry?

Stress and Anxiety at Lib blogs
 As far as Ignatieff, 49 per cent of respondents believe he is arrogant, 44 per cent say he is intelligent, 42 per cent brand him as out of touch, 37 per cent believe he is boring, 32 per cent say he is inefficient, and 27 per cent brand him as secretive.

Since August, views on Ignatieff have increased dramatically—by at least five points—on being arrogant, inefficient, dishonest, weak, out of touch, and foolish.
If the Polling numbers don't improve, get worse, I suspect higher levels of stress and anxiety for the Liberal bloggers and deeply devoted partisans.

Treatment options with high success rates

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