Friday, January 29, 2010

PM Stephen Harper@ Davos: Someone Crushing on Harper?

Swiss jets form wingtip 'honour guard' to escort Harper plane out of airspace

Two Swiss fighter jets escorted Prime Minister Stephen Harper's plane out of Switzerland's air space on Friday

The honour guard escort is rarely deployed, and is considered a heartfelt sign of close ties between Switzerland and Canada, the spokesman said.

He met for more than an hour with Swiss president Doris Leuthard on Thursday. The two talked about the Olympics, the coming G8 and G20 summits in Canada, the need to resist protectionism and to follow up on the climate-change agreement reached last month in Copenhagen.

I am not making this up, from Jovanka's International Cafe

Cheeky Davos Intro Video here.


Ardvark said...
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Ardvark said...

The world respects and admires the PM but Ignatieff is still embarrassed to be a Canadian.

He must have really enjoyed those 34 years outside of Canada talking down about us at every opportunity and pretending to be an American. So much so that he continues talking down about us to this day.

CanadianSense said...

A strange pattern from the left, ashamed to be Canadian.

They prefer governments that limit free speech and individual freedom for collectivism system.

They ignore the human right abuses in Iran, China, Cuba and attack our government without reservation.

They have no shame.

The left leaning media has no problem rousing up the tiny crowds over a 17-22 day delay in our Parliament but refuses to take up the torch on the real human suffering overseas.

wilson said...

And this makes me proud too:

Bec said...

Ignatieff, has probably just given additional material to another truth ad.
Publicly, embarrassment of being Canadian has become an all to common rant this past year and with a guy like him that has denied or been defended for his long past comments of a similar nature, we can now qualify those ones as completely legitimate.

With the various other fires that have started these past few days and in particular, Khadr, the hypocrisy is mind boggling. There is no rationale or common sense that justifies their position and yet they do it and we are left shaking our heads, time after time.

Terrific post, btw!

hunter said...

Well Doris has very good taste, and the fighter jets were like flowers on Valentine's day. I would bet that Alberta girl Laureen would win out in any fight though!

Having met PM Harper, those blue eyes are stunning and could turn any girls head, but his genuine warmth is the most appealing aspect to him. Too bad the media works overtime to make him look bad.

The_Iceman said...

Didn't you catch Don Newman on thursday's Soloman Show? Canadians don't care if their leaders perform well abroad. It only matters when a group of people become angry.

Don Newman, ladies and gentlemen...

CanadianSense said...

In reverse order,

Iceman, I like most Canadians don't tune into the CBC unless they have HNIC (hockey night in Canada) or some movie. The alleged 'news' programs are too poorly produced to qualify as credible. Apparently they can't afford new chairs on their flagship program.I can't find a week they have broke in the TOP 30.
Weekly Top 30 TV Programs - January 18-24, 2010
Dragon's Den, HNIC,Rick Mercer...

CanadianSense said...


I find his personal qualities attractive. His strength, honour and conviction to get things done for Canadians. The CPC have no natural allies and have through hard work been able to earn the respect of enough Canadians to win two General Elections and most recently a November by elections.
His honour in respecting the will of the majority of Canadians by not pandering to "gotcha" politics that is being practiced by the opposition.
His conviction in doing things that are unpopular but necessary. I did NOT agree with the auto bailout but according to the news, they are starting to repay the loans. I was personally affected with the Income Trust reversal but applaud our PM for taking a hit to do the right thing. Same with defunding for special interest groups who have an political activist agenda.

Laureen gets my h/t for getting our PM to draw attention to fundraising @Nac.

Contrast the response from Jack and Iffy to our PM Nac performance. Jack is a pro and Iffy confirmed how small he was again.

CanadianSense said...


Do you remember when many from the "right" piled on in criticism against the GG appointment by Paul Martin?

Ralph Klein..and others?

Our guy at the time in opposition did NOT, a cool head and NOT quick to judge. Our PM with the help of our ceremonial GG can reach out to Haiti and many struggling democracies and offer assistance.

If you read the papers the angry left are VERY unhappy with our liberal appointed GG. She has NOT done their bidding and has become expendable. I would like our PM to find a similar high profile job if he decides not to renew here as our GG.
She has done some great work for advancing our profile at home and abroad.

CanadianSense said...


I don't have the clip of Iffy apologizing for being Canadian but I am working on his famous "time is up" clip.
It is groundhog day at Liberals. For over a year under Iffy the party has failed to offer an alternative and reduced discourse to pro wrestling pubicity stunts with props. This is not healthy for our democracy when we have all three parties in opposition who hold a majority of seats refuse to work on behalf of all Canadians to score cheap political points.

The full time obsession to play gotcha politics is increasing the cynicism in Canada. How do you get inspired by a doorknob wielding MP, MP's warning about starving families if EI is not fixed in June? Party President fundraising during the height of H1N1 hoping it to become our 'katrina'. The bottom feeding must stop and adult supervision is required at the LPOC.

CanadianSense said...


thanks for the link, this story is great. Taking bets the MSM will look for a negative nugget instead?

Has our MSM reported our PM @ Davos as a significant event?

Reminds me when the Polls were wide for about one month last year the CBC dropped reporting on them.

Now they are back to normal Polling has become newsworthy again.

I enjoy reading your comments on the boards and watching the lefties 'lose it'.

I have children and remember the tantrums when they were young. Apparently some lefty posters have not grown up yet.

Jen said...

Ignatieff is ashamed to be canadian that our banks are doing something which impresses the world.
He is ashamed to be canadian that the PM and canadians responded to HAITI crises within hours.

He is ashamed to be a canadian that our country canada is now being recognized around the world.
Then he must be ashamed to be the leader of the liberal party of canada.

I guess he is proud of his party that stole from the nation and who refuse to return the millions of dollars and support for radicalism.

frmgrl said...

Iffy is just jealous that's all. That's what his sentiments are about.
Childish if you ask me.

CanadianSense said...

I am going to post a updated lengtt video featuring a modified timeline depicting the "Groundhog Day" Liberals.

Our respect for Parliament is suffering because the opposition is refusing to engage in serious debate of alternative policy inside parliament. We have three opposition parties in the majority who have spent the entire year alleging corruption, abuse, scandal every week. For the most of the year the NDP refused to even read the budget and decided in 2008 they would reject the largest budget out of spite for losing their cabinet seats in their liberal coaliton.

If the opposition having spent weeks calling our PM a dictator, alleging war crimes, organize rallies for publicity stunts the logical NEXT step is to vote down the Throne Speech.

If coaltion parties fail to vote non-confidence than the smears and allegations for the last few months only reinforce our cynicism in them to have engaged in only partisan games AGAIN.

Patrick Ross said...

I don't honestly believe that Ignatieff is embarrassed to be Canadian.

But here's the hilarious thing:

Canadian left-wingers are insisting that Canada has become a pariah on the global stage. They treat Harper's every foray abroad as an embarrassment on the international stage.

Yet Harper's out receiving standing ovations from the World Economic Forum and honour guard escorts by Swiss fighter jets.

It seems to me that they're spending too much time listening to the Yes Men and not nearly enough time actually paying attention.

CanadianSense said...

Patrick well said,

I find if we don't follow the left wing idealogical 'bent' we are classified and labelled as "xxx". In their eyes the world is wrong if it does NOT share their idealogical bent. It is through their "rose" coloured glasses what is an right and wrong.