Friday, November 19, 2010

Has the 'news' media has become the opposition?

Have the Liberals run up the white flag?  It appears Liberals are using hockey tickets and free steaks to help provide volunteers for the by elections. The news media told us the bus tours were working and the party was energized.
Our Canadian media outlets too short staffed to conduct proper research, report the facts in a balanced manner anymore?
NDP selective outrage on Senate: Where was the outcry from the NDP when the unelected Senate was blocking legislation during the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada led by Brian Mulroney?
Carlos Salinas (left), George H.W. Bush and Br...
NAFTA signing
I remember the Canadian media outlets reminding Canadians how unelected Liberal  Senators were providing a 'sober second thought' and it was their responsibility.
Two days ago Canadian Senators did it again with the help of Liberals who were too busy to show up up for  votes/work. The Senate killed a private members Bill C- 311 that was not supported in principle or in ANY part by the Conservative members in the government or upper chamber. In this case the news media does not feel it is second sober though?
The fact this Bill was terminated has caused a great deal of grief in the media circles and parties in opposition. The media is enabling the opposition and critics to cry foul. The Canadian media has failed to provide a balanced position with concrete examples in history of Liberal Senators killing or delaying legislation during government of Brian Mulroney. Did the research department take the night off? Are the hosts and anchor unable to remember the period between 1984-1993?
Laureen Harper and Preston Manning
Preston Manning was the leader of a political party called the Reform Party. They never won enough seats to form a government. Stockwell Day formed a new political party called the Canadian Alliance in 2000 and was never able to form a  government either. Tony Clement, Belinda Stronach and Stephen Harper ran for the new leadership of a new political party called the Conservative Party of Canada several years ago. It was made up of Canadians who belonged to the The Reform Party of Canada, Progressive Conservative, Canadian Alliance. The rest is history.

Canadian News Media Defender of Liberalism
In my opinion the Canadian news media is failing miserably in holding each political party to account .  Many in the media repeat the talking points of the opposition political parties and invited experts are do not appear to be neutral  when they exclude historical facts to pile on criticism. Is the media not capable of providing a balanced view of the facts and history of the Senate?  Is the media in Canada compromised, short staffed? 
Canadian News Media: Climate Alarmists?
The news has become the editorial. The balance and context have been supplanted with opinion.
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