Monday, November 22, 2010

Good News with a Cherry on Top for Conservatives in GTA

Good news with a Cherry on top for Conservatives in the GTA as the Vaughan election enters the home stretch.

Mr. Fantino also noted that the Harper government is investing $622 million by way of infrastructure projects in Vaughan on such things as the Spadina subway extension and renovations to the Al Palladini and Maple community centres. -Chamber of Commerce Forum

Blue Team: Fantino, Flaherty, Goodyear, Kent, Harper
Telephone town-hall had some interesting feedback. If they are able to capitalize on the results will Vaughan have a new Conservative MP?

During the 60-minute phone call, listeners could try to ask the candidate a question and were also asked four poll questions.
Callers were asked if Vaughan needs its own hospital, to which 96 per cent of those who answered said yes.
They were also asked if the Harper government was on the right track with the economy, to which 73 per cent of those said yes. Residents were also asked if the government's tough-on-crime approach, which has been central to Mr. Fantino's campaign, is the right one, to which 68 per cent of those who responded said yes. -York Region
University of Toronto political scientist Nelson Wiseman isn’t impressed with a Liberal campaign, in which Genco was acclaimed the day the election was called. “They showed how poorly organized they were. It shows me they were fishing for a bigger fish in Vaughan and they didn’t get it.”- Toronto Star
Force of Nature: PM Stephen Harper unstoppable force or inept opponents?
The Rob Ford victory may not be end of a sea change from Liberal Red to Tory Blue. Forty per cent of respondents in the GTA indicated they would vote for the Tories and 33% for the Liberals. Ispos Reid Poll
We will see if this retreat of Liberal progressive is a sign of the next Blue Wave

Don Cherry placed 7th ahead of John A. MacDonald on the CBC show The Greatest Canadian in 2004. He has endorsed Julian Fantino and has been a public supporter of Stephen Harper since 2006.
Will the Fantino brand combined with the organizational expertise of the Conservative Party of Canada be enough to over come the long held Liberal riding in a relatively short campaign cycle?

Does it make sense for Tony Genco, Greg Sobara to state the Provincial Liberal Government in Ontario in its second mandate should be held solely responsible for the absence of a hospital in Vaughan?  Is it the fault of Mike Harris? If Tony Genco believes the Federal government has no role to play because of jurisdiction, why does he than demand hundreds of millions in education and daycare? Those are both fall in the jurisdiction of provincial files.

Tony Genco should be asked who is responsible for failing to build a local hospital in Vaughan?

Voters are very smart and understand if massive cuts in transfers to provinces in Education, Health and Social services during 1990 - 2004 are not repeated again it is much more likely for those provinces to be able to fund those priorities. If you cut $ 25 billion in Federal transfers to balance your federal books how important are those bragging rights to those in Vaughan waiting for a hospital Tony?

It appears the Harper government and its policies will be given an opportunity with Fantino as their candidate to end another Liberal myth on November 29th.  This should be fun!

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