Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ignatieff as Jerry MacGuire

Do you remember reading about the criticism from Liberals that Dion was not adept at fixing the organizational problems left behind with the infighting of Chretien-Martin? I do
Perhaps the Liberals were too eager to scrap the leadership contest. The cerebral assassin may have had them at Hello but the opposition seats and balance sheets don't hide the ugly truth. 
In 2009 Ignatieff was able to post a substantial improvement from the Dion led Liberals in 2008. The only problem  is the Liberals have not been able to hit two million in the first three quarters in 2010. It is now the fourth quarter in 2010 and Ignatieff needs to equal the Conservatives in their four million per quarter to break even from 2009. Does this sound realistic to you?
Q3  $ 1,335,860
Q2  $ 1,610,610
Q1  $ 1,467,998
Total  $ 4,414,468
Based on the first three quarters in 2010 Ignatieff will be lucky if he can match $ 5.8 million. It is time for Jerry Maguire being played by Ignatieff to show me the money as Bob Sugar to be played as Bob Rae is holding on line one!
Another factoid not reported about the Liberals and their successful bus tour. Exception is Jane Taber her article touches on the numbers briefly.
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