Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vaughan By Election: Let it Snow

It's cold.....windchill minus five. This is the last weekend for volunteers to make their rounds before the polls close. My road trip consists of Hwy Exit 400 heading west on Hwy 7 until Hwy 27. I saw about thirty signs of various sizes from Genco and Fantino. The wind has taken a toll as many of them were leaning or down. My observation was limited to a quick drive on the main artery on my visit to bakery and a butcher. 

It is a shame the global warming alarmists are unable to convince Mother Nature to hold off for a few more days as the cold weather anticipated may keep many voters from the participating in their by election on November 29, 2010. Pundits Guide has a post on the advance polling turnout is up in 2 of the 3 contests.

Liberal bloggers seem to the most outrages with the prospect of being shut out of all three ridings. Many Liberal bloggers outside of Vaughan have suddenly become experts in the Caledonia meltdown. Fantino reported to Liberal Provincial Government that has blocked any inquiry into Caledonia or the G20 problems in Toronto. It is funny are making predictions but I have not found any public polling for the three ridings. 

Damage control has already begun by Liberals in the Toronto Star as they have Susan Delacourt has given protection of anonymity for a Liberal insider to make this rant.
In the second article they raise issues to vote against Fantino but provide another another excuse why voters may be tuning out the Liberal world view in the Toronto Star.

The volunteers in Vaughan have it better than Winnipeg as it is -13 and Dauphin-Swan-Marquette at -17 is looking at the potential of snow in their forecast for many days leading up to election night.

Hwy 7 Islington 8:45 am 11/27
Flurries at times heavy ending late this morning then cloudy with 40 percent chance of flurries. Local amount 2 cm. Wind northwest 20 km/h becoming light late this afternoon. High plus 3 with temperature falling to zero this afternoon.

Just after wrapping up my bakery-butcher trek the snow stared to fall and with the windchill it feels like minus five. I was in and out of the Liberal bastion in less than forty minutes. Let's hope the voters of Vaughan follow the example of Toronto and show up in large numbers and dump Liberals.

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