Friday, September 03, 2010

Maurizo Bevilacqua Abandoned Sinking Liberal Party

Ontario has been moving away from the Federal Liberals since they captured one hundred seats in 2000. I posted Maurizio Bevilacqua had an option to leave for another position on August 23, 2010. Many of the remaining Liberals should have made  plans for a graceful exit strategy from Federal politics. I have suggested they could fall another one or two per cent from the historic low in 2008.
The noise from the media is the Federal Liberals are competitive with the Federal Conservative Party of Canada.
  • Biased partisan pundits ignore real facts for voluntary polls.
  • Every Fall the same script about a tightening of the polls takes place since 2006 from these biased pundits.
  • Organization, fundraising, leadership metrics are ignored in their analysis.
Unless the Liberals have another bad day at the office and screw up another vote, we will have four by elections in the Fall as it is unlikely the Liberals are prepared to execute a strategy without it backfiring.
The Federal Riding maps are courtesy of Walter Miller.
Maurizio Bevilacqua, who resigned as Liberal MP for Vaughan last week, has confirmed he will run for mayor.
In 2004 the Liberals held this riding with a significant gap.

In 2006 the Liberals held this riding but signs of a Conservative shift has begun.

In 2008 the Liberals held this riding but serious inroads into the riding have begun to take hold. 

This pattern has taken place in many ridings to the benefit of the Conservatives and Democrats. In Hamilton the former Mayor Larry Di Ianni decided to run Mayor instead of returning as a Federal candidate after losing to the Democrats in 2008.

The Liberals went for 0-3 in the Hamilton area and no longer have a hold on the Golden Horseshoe. Many star candidates have refused to join the Ignatieff led Liberals in the next election.

If you watch the video you will hear how Ignatieff invokes the cultural war (wedge politics) of fear suggesting Canada will be destroyed if Liberals are not elected.

Liberals believe they built this country. I believe Canadians built this country in spite of our political parties elected to government.

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