Thursday, September 23, 2010

Layton: You have splaining to do!

The Liberals are out of touch with many parts of Canada. The Democrats made a tactical decision to trade the rural seats for a few close urban seats. On August 30, 2010 Brad Lavigne was smug about his party allowing a free vote for his MPs.
Brad not so smug today?
Who is supreme?  Iggy asked us that once.  Today the Coalition Party was supreme.  They lorded their power over the people and their government in a disgusting move to keep the Gun Registry.
The private members bill was designed to give every MP an opportunity to represent their constituents and to stop punishing the lawful owners of long guns with a wasteful ineffective policy imposed by the Liberal majority in 1995.

Long Gun Registry: Future Coalition Map

The majority of people in Canada think that the Canadian Firearms Registry has failed, according to a poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion released by the Toronto Star. 46 per cent of respondents say this program has been unsuccessful in preventing crime, and an additional 32 per cent say it has been ineffectual.
Candice Hoeppner is a non gun owner, she has been a driving force in this campaign. Her interview illustrates why Canadians will vote out the elitist leaders in Toronto.
Jack Layton decided he needed half of his safest seats that voted to scrap the Long Gun Registry needed to betray their promises to their local constituents in order to save this Liberal boondoggle or his recent Liberal gains in urban ridings? (Voters will decide who is playing wedge politics)
Ignatieff  needed to demonstrate his leadership, party discipline by whipping the MPs to protect the legacy of the Chretien Liberals.  They are using it as a wedge issue with women groups, raise funds and denigrate lawful long gun owners.
The media has played the emotional card, CBC runs the NRA influence and media outlets run with fake numbers  to protect the LGR.
  1. Why did the media NOT consult the aboriginals on their compliance with long gun registry?
  2. Why did the media ignore the scathing auditor general report for a story on a Global organization from a decade ago? 
  3. Why has the media failed to hold opposition MPs accountable for the misleading the public on the four million dollar annual cost?
Canadians will take back Canada from the elitists and the mainstream media puppets for failing us again. Bet on it!
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