Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Situational Awareness: Liberal Vision

In Canada and in the US many experts did not see the change until it was too late. How many pundits predicted the demise of of PC's from the political landscape of Canada? How many predicted a small Western protest party in protest of Ontario-Quebec politics as usual would grow and become the Federal Government in 2006?

"...the Tea Party movement has been one of the most derided and minimized and, frankly, most disrespected movements in American history. Yet, despite being systematically ignored, belittled, marginalized, and ostracized by political, academic, and media elites, the Tea Party movement has grown stronger and stronger." 
Boston Tea Party: Colonists dumped the British...
 The extraordinary turnout on April 15, 2010, at rallies across the country speaks volumes to the strength, power, and influence of the Tea Party movement, with more than 750 protests held across the country, demonstrating a level of activism and enthusiasm that is both unprecedented and arguably unique in recent American political history.
Survey data collected at about this time bears out the same point.
 Tea Party Movement/ American People's Protest ...
In mid-April 2010, a Rasmussen Reports survey in which nearly one quarter (24 percent) of the electorate self-identified as being members in the Tea Party movement -- up from 16 percent a month earlier.-Scott Rasmussen and Douglas Schoen: One nation under revolt

“There are, of course, a lot of people here who would like to have more freedom, who are fed up with a big interventionist state and are looking for more individual liberty and personal responsibility,” Mr. Duhaime, a columnist and radio commentator, said in an interview yesterday. -Graeme Hamilton

In Canada as in the United states many people use the term Tea Party in a derogatory fashion to describe people who don't share their world view. Are we fed up of all levels of government continuing to raise fees and fail to act in our best interests?

Which political party is best positioned to take advantage of smaller government and personal responsibility?

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