Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ignatieff behind PM in Quebec: Media Pissed

A recent Leger Poll has some interesting results.
Leadership trust competent?
Ignatieff earns only ten percent beating Elizabeth May's two per cent. The Liberal leader finished in fourth place.
Some give credit to the fact the media has hyped the potential for a transfer of nearly $ 200 million for an NHL-Olympic bid. (Not buying the small bump in the polls for a fabricated story)
The PM Satisfaction score is up six per cent from September and twelve per cent from January  2010. The PM outpaces the Premier by seven per cent. Conservatives beat the Liberals by two per cent on support from the Francophone. The Conservative beat the Bloc by nine points around Quebec City.

It's the economy stupid.
LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 05:  G20 finance m...
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has a way with numbers, a solid grasp of fiscal policy and stands tall in cabinet as a vertically challenged force of charismatic Irish personality.
It’s beneath his award-winning credentials to rant against his political opponents, particularly the day after parliamentary forces have regrouped under a collective promise to work constructively toward improved Commons civility.
Donny did you miss the fact Liberals are calling the G8-G20 a photo op?

Did you miss the fact marketing is under attack by the Liberals including the $ 24 million for H1N1?

The opposition want to muzzle the information they don't like.Reminds me of the left regarding the application of Sun TV.

Did you miss the fact Liberal political games threaten military purchase of the only fifth generation combat fighter they signed up for in 2002 because it panders to the coalition?

As a Canadian journalist is Don Martin worried the coalition is a real and present danger ? Does Donny also wish to derail the recovery and the legislative agenda of the Federal Government?
Looks like the cheerleaders of the coalition are suggesting the Finance Minister should not inform Canadians of the threats to the economy if it includes the job killing taxes by Liberals.Why is that?
This is politics and if the Liberals want to re-form the coalition with the Democrats and Separatists, the Liberal media may not be supportive of the Federal Government citing facts and figures of the risk on an election and the coalition.
Too bad, it sucks to defending the opposition parties. Give Mallick a call she has her talking points down on scary conservatives and stupid voters.
This government has ambitious plans to help the poor and most vulnerable, the noise from the cheap seats is a distraction.
Mr. Harper also used Canada’s turn in the spotlight Tuesday to hammer home the message that nations must be more accountable for their aid promises. On that score, Canada has “a clean, open and transparent record,” he said. “I am proud of what we have accomplished.”
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