Sunday, September 12, 2010

Liberal Arrogance On Display

Toronto Sun
Will Michael Ignatieff distance himself from the comments of a former chief of staff?   Do Liberals feel comfortable invoking a culture war is acceptable in regaining power?

"But it was once said about the Toronto Sun that it's a newspaper for people who can't read and I think that probably applies to the whole chain." -Ian Davey, former Chief of Staff Ignatieff.
Culture War Casualties: Toronto Sun Readers are Stupid
The Toronto SUN is an active media sponsor of professional sports, including the Toronto Raptors, the Toronto Rock lacrosse team, the NFL, the CFL and the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • 531,900 (or 78%) of weekday Toronto SUN readers have household incomes of $50,000+
  • 326,600 (or 48%) of Toronto SUN readers have household incomes of $75,000+
  • 393,700 Toronto SUN readers have some post-secondary education or higher.
Any idea why Ian Davey is unaware of the Toronto Sun readership, it took 0.38 Google search to find those interesting facts about the Toronto Sun.
Ian Davey has apparently proved too much of a comparative political neophyte — and/or too much of an intellectual like Mr. Ignatieff himself (?) — to properly advise his leader on exactly where the bodies are buried in Ottawa. (Also too much of a Torontonian, apparently again!) - Counterweights 
Ian Davey and Michael Ignatieff
So much for political loyalties. The filmmaker son of famed Liberal “Rainmaker” Keith Davey recruited the Harvard intellectual, ran his failed leadership bid and served as chief of staff after Ignatieff was anointed leader—only to be dumped without warning for former Chrétien aide Peter Donolo. Fed up, Davies decamped to Toronto, taking with him girlfriend Jill Fairbrother, who quit as the party’s director of communications.
The Liberal party is sick and the disease is serious. It has lost its status as the party of ideas and now is just the party of slogans. The Liberals have slogans about the environment, immigration, the economy and social justice but there is nothing behind them.
They signed the Kyoto Protocol but their record was worse than the anti-environment administration of George W. Bush.
They created havoc in our immigration system. Their policies privileged cunning people whose ability to flout rules is greater than their ability to contribute to this country, while honest people are still waiting at the border.
They lost their privileged relationship with new immigrants after taking them for granted for decades, not realizing that the once brilliant concept of multiculturalism is now obsolete and needs a new approach.
They brag about their ability to manage the economy when everybody knows the reality that a Liberal strategist told me some time ago: "The deficit created by Mulroney in the '80s was erased in the '90s by Mulroney's policies of the GST and free trade." - Angelo Persichilli
So, whether you are in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto or Ottawa — homes to our fleet of tabloids – perhaps you can find a Liberal at your local library who will read this editorial to you.

They are easy to spot.

They’ll have their heads up their arse.

How many Liberals will distance themselves from this statement and will Liberal friendly media outlets report on this insult to the readers of the Sun?
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