Friday, September 10, 2010

Liberalism Wedge Politics

A human trafficking awareness poster from the ...
An Angus Poll confirms that public opinion has become more concerned about illegal immigration and human trafficking. The Liberal media, opposition MPs are playing wedge politics by suggesting Canadians that share these concerns are racist and xenophobic. People for sale in Canada?

Immigration Watch Canada believes in a strong, publicly-owned Canadian broadcasting system. Although Canada's publicly-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (the CBC), does very good work on a number of issues, it does a very poor job on its coverage of immigration.

The president and past federal candidate Ross McKinnon of a British Columbia Liberal riding association has compared the Conservative government's plans to target human smuggling to collaboration with the Nazis in order to shut down the debate. Why have the Liberals not asked for his resignation and apology?
Canada’s immigration minister is travelling to Australia to see what can be learned about dealing with boatloads of illegal immigrants and refugee claimants. Many countries do not have the lax immigration policies that Canada has and it takes years to remove illegal asylum seekers.
Some suggest without a majority of the Conservatives, or a political will to address this problem it will continue. The Liberal media and opposition MPs played wedge politics when our Federal Government enacted a new Visa requirement for Mexico and Czech Republic regarding the spike in asylum seekers arriving on planes. The evidence was clear and over 90% dropped their asylum claims when their cases were to be heard.
Fifty per cent of poll respondents want to deport the passengers and crew of the Tamil ship back to Sri Lanka, even if their refugee claims are legitimate; 32 per cent of respondents say they should be allowed to stay in Canada as refugees.
We have seen this play out in Arizona with a Federal Government led by the Obama administration that is out of touch with residents in Arizona. We are witnessing the French Government repatriate Gypsies , Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi accuses the left of wanting an "invasion of foreigners". Since coming to power his government has made illegal entry and residency a criminal offence and repelled vessels carrying migrants heading towards Italy.
A regional breakdown shows that a majority of Albertans (52 per cent) and Ontarians (55 per cent) want the passengers and crew deported. This compares to 43 per cent of Atlantic Canadians and 39 per cent of British Columbians; 50 per cent of Quebeckers believe the Tamils should be deported.
Will the opposition MPs and Liberal media outlets attack the "red necks" in Ontario and Quebec for the racist and Xenophobic views about illegal immigration and human trafficking?
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